Oak Tree Varieties

Kinsey Family Farm Burr Oak Kinsey Family Farm

Bur Oak

Native. Quercus macrocarpa Bur Oak or mossycup oak shade tree 60-80′. Bur oak is a truly majestic oak tree with a rounded canopy and deeply grooved bark for an interesting, rough texture. The acorns have a woolly cap which encloses most of the nut like a cup. Leaves are leathery and dark green with rounded lobes.

Kinsey Family Farm Quercus nuttallii Nuttall Oak Kinsey Family Farm

Nuttall Oak

Native. Quercus nuttallii Nuttall Oak shade tree 40-60′. Also called red oak, Red River oak and pin oak. Nuttall Oak is tough, adaptable and long lived. It quickly grows into vigorous, pyramidal shape with a well developed crown and a strong central leader. The bark is smooth and dark brown. Foliage is dark green in summer which turn rich red in Autumn. Nuttall does not develop surface roots like other shade trees, perfect in situations where street side trees need to be planted. It is tolerant of heat, cold and drought making it a great pick for Georgia landscapes. Nuttall Oak is an excellent lawn, shade, parking lot island plantings or street tree.

Kinsey Family Farm Quercus lyrata Overcup Oak Kinsey Family Farm

Overcup Oak

Native. Quercus lyrata Overcup Oak, shade tree 60-80′. Swamp post oak, water white oak, swamp white oak. Overcup Oak is a long lived tree with a rounded shape, uniform branching and an open crown. The attractive bark is rough and deep ridged, usually in reddish or gray brown colors. Leaves are leathery and dark green in summer, turning a rich yellow brown in fall. The cup of an Overcup Oak acorn almost completely encloses the acorn itself, giving the tree its common name.

Red Oak

Native. Quercus rubra Red Oak or northern red oak, 50-80′. Red oak is a durable shade tree which may be used as a street tree. This beautiful oak tree has dark, lustrous green leaves during the summer season and in fall turns brownish red.

Kinsey Family Farm Quercus Scarlet Oak Kinsey Family Farm

Scarlet Oak

Native. Quercus coccinea Scarlet Oak shade tree 60-80′. Scarlet Oak has an open, rounded crown and glossy, green leaves. In early spring, new leaves open and have a red tint to them. Scarlet oak is a best pick for it’s beautiful fall color which is a bright red and truly magnificent. The red foliage may remain on branches through the first freezes of winter time. Tolerant of poor soils and has good wind resistance.

Kinsey Family Farm Quercus shumardii Shumard Oak Kinsey Family Farm

Shumard Oak

Native. Quercus shumardii Shumard Oak spotted oak, Schneck oak, Shumard red oak, swamp red oak. A best pick for a street tree, shade or rain garden tree. Shumard Oak is a medium sized, deciduous tree from the red oak group. Dark green leaves have a shiny surface and deep, spiny lobes. Late fall color is a brownish red.

Kinsey Family Farm Quercus phellos Willow Oak Kinsey Family Farm

Willow Oak

Native. Quercus phellos Willow Oak shade tree 40-60′. Member of the red oak group. Also called peach oak, pin oak, and swamp chestnut oak. A beautiful shade tree which forms a dense, rounded crown, Willow Oak is known for its unusual willow like narrow, green leaves. It is good street or parking lot tree as it is tolerant of heat, drought and air pollution. Bark is deeply furrowed and an attractive gray brown. Willow Oak is useful for parking lot island plantings, as a buffer strip, street or as a shade tree for large area.

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