Ninebark Shrub Varieties

Kinsey Family Farm Ninebark Copertina shrub

Ninebark ‘Coppertina’

Native. Physocarpus opulifolius Ninebark ‘Coppertina’ 8′-10′ Proven Winners plant. Deciduous shrub. New leaves are a unique copper gold during spring. They will turn to a rich red in summer. The brilliant copper color can be used in a landscape plan as contrast to deeper greens shrubs and make any area stand out. ‘Coppertina’ is an open, vase shape type with arching branches with soft pink flowers in spring. Ninebark is shade tolerant but give ‘Coppertina’ some sun to maintain its brilliant color. In a shady area it will take on a greenish tint.

Kinsey Family Farm Ninebark Ginger Wine

Ninebark ‘Ginger Wine’

Native. Physocarpus opulifolius Ninebark ‘Ginger Wine’ 5′-6′. A Proven Winners plant. Spring leave emerges a bright orange color and change to burgundy in summer. In late spring, clusters of white flowers cover the shrub. Attractive red seed heads appear in fall.

Kinsey Family Farm Ninebark Diablo shrub

Ninebark ‘Diablo’

Native. Physocarpus opulifolius Ninebark ‘Diablo’ 8′-10′. ‘Diablo’ has stunning deep purple foliage which makes it stand out in a garden. Plant as a dense hedge with lighter green shrubs. ‘Diablo’ has cream white flowers during summer. Foliage holds the purple red color best in sun, may become green in shade. Deciduous.

Kinsey Family Farm Dwarf Ninebark Tiny Wine

Dwarf Ninebark

Native. Physocarpus opulifolius Ninebark ‘Little Devil’ and ‘Tiny Wine’ Proven Winners plants. 3′-4′ tall deciduous shrub, purple leaf. Dwarf ninebark has deep burgundy leaves. ‘Tiny Wine’ will form a dense, rounded shape and is the perfect native plant for a small space garden. It makes a wonderful accent in a home garden or may be planted in a spot where color is needed. Small, pinkish white flowers appear in clusters in spring, The light color provides cheerful contrast against the dark leaves. Ninebark is native to most of the US. ‘Little Devil’ is another dwarf ninebark we carry in our garden center. It is similar to ‘Tiny Wine’.

Ninebark varieties for sale in our plant nursery garden center are subject to change.