Native Trees for Georgia

Kinsey Family Farm Taxodium distichum Baldcypress


Taxodium distichum Baldcypress Deciduous conifer 50′ – 70′. A beautiful, large size canopy tree reminiscent of the old south. New growth is a very light green turning to a softer, darker green during summer. Bark is a lovely peeling brown that adds winter interest to a landscape design. A deciduous conifer, feathery foliage turns red in fall. Baldcypress is also related to Dawn and Giant Redwood. We also carry ‘Shawnee Brave’ Bald Cypress, which has a beautiful, pyramidal form.

Kinsey Family Farm Falling Waters Weeping Baldcypress

Weeping Baldcypress ‘Falling Waters’

Weeping Baldcypress ‘Falling Waters’ A deciduous conifer, Weeping Baldcypress ‘Falling Waters’ has a graceful arching form and the same bright green needles of the species upright baldcypress tree. The weeping form is a unique specimen to grow as a centerpiece in a landscape. Weeping Baldcypress ‘Falling Waters’ will tolerate wet conditions, even standing water and may be planted in full sun.

Kinsey Family Farm Taxodium ascendens Pond Cypress

Pond Cypress

Taxodium ascendens Pond Cypress. A canopy tree which is closely related to baldcypress, pond cypress is a beautiful, deciduous conifer with soft, airy needles. Fall color is an attractive reddish brown and the summer foliage a pale green. Pond cypress is adaptable and will tolerate wet or dry soils.

Kinsey Family Farm Fagus grandifolia American Beech

American Beech

Fagus grandifolia American Beech 80′ – 100′. Has an elegant form with a stout, steel grey trunk and sweeping branches. Its pyramid shape has a spreading crown while the leaves feature distinctive sawtooth margins. Bright green of the foliage makes a striking contrast against the slate gray bark. During the autumn season American Beech will be covered in coppery gold leaves, a stand out in any fall landscape display. American Beech is very shade tolerant but achieves its best growth in partial sun to full sun light.

Kinsey Family Farm Betula nigra River Birch City Slicker

River Birch ‘City Slicker’

Betula nigra River Birch ‘Whit XXV’ ‘City Slicker‘. Beautiful. creamy white bark makes ‘City Slicker’ stand out in a landscape design. The white, peeling bark is whiter than other river birch trees. Drought tolerant and vigorous, ‘City Slicker’ has golden yellow foliage in the fall.

Kinsey Family Farm Nyssa sylvatica Black Gum

Black Gum ‘Wildfire’, ‘Green Gable’

Nyssa sylvatica Black Gum ‘Wildfire’ ‘Green Gable’, black tupelo Deciduous 30′ – 50′. ‘Wildfire’ is a gorgeous selection of our native Blackgum and features bright red new growth in spring which turns dark green for summer. In autumn, foliage changes to a fiery shade of scarlet. ‘Wildfire’ will stand out in your landscape for fall color. It also produces small black fruit which will attract birds to your backyard and the attractive, furrowed gray bark offers winter interest.

Scarlet Buckeye

Aesculus pavia Scarlet Buckeye, red buckeye, firecracker plant 12′ -15′. A deciduous small tree which is shade tolerant and will grow in damp or moist areas. Scarlet buckeye has large, showy red flowers in spring which are very attractive to hummingbirds. The unique foliage is palmately compound in a shiny, dark green color.

Kinsey Family Farm Pink Dogwood Tree Cherokee Brave

Dogwood Trees – Pink Flowering

Cornus florida ‘Cherokee Brave’, ‘Firebird’ Pink flowing. Please see: Dogwood Trees.

Kinsey Family Farm White Dogwood Tree Cherokee Princess

Dogwood – White Flowering

Cornus florida ‘Cherokee Princess’– Please see: Dogwood Trees.

Eastern Hemlock

Tsuga canadensis Eastern Hemlock 40′ – 70′. Eastern hemlock, eastern hemlock spruce or Canadian hemlock. A dense, pyramidal conifer which is a member of the pine family. Eastern Hemlock is one of the most beautiful of our native conifers with graceful, sweeping branches and soft needles. It is an important tree for wildlife and the large size makes it ideal for privacy screens or where large evergreen trees are needed in a landscape design. Typically Eastern hemlocks are found along river shores and moist areas of the forest so is adaptable to ponds and creeks in a residential landscape.

Kinsey Family Farm Weeping Eastern Hemlock

Weeping Eastern Hemlock

Native. Tsuga canadensis ‘Sargentii’. Weeping Eastern Hemlock, Canadian Hemlock. Evergreen tree. A graceful, dense, mounding forming shrub with spreading branches which produce a weeping effect. Weeping Eastern Hemlock ‘Sargentii’ has the dark green, finely textured foliage of the native hemlocks we love. A unique accent for large rock gardens, specimen plantings or landscape. Sun to shade.

Kinsey Family Farm Ulmus americana American Elm Princeton

American Elm ‘Princeton’

Ulmus americana American Elm ‘Princeton’ Deciduous shade tree 80′ – 100′. Fast growing tree. A disease tolerant, disease resistant elm cultivar. A large canopy or shade tree, perfect for areas where you want to provide relief from our Georgia sun. American Elm ‘Princeton’ features the classic vase shape canopy of other elms, and large, glossy green foliage that turns a bright yellow in autumn. American Elm ‘Princeton’ is tolerant of many soil conditions.

Kinsey Family Farm Chionanthus virginicus American Fringe Tree

American Fringe Tree

Chionanthus virginicus American Fringe Tree, Old Man’s Beard, Grancy Gray Beard Deciduous Small Tree12′ – 30′. Shade tolerant – part shade. An underused native for front yards. Plants can be male or female. Females will produce large metallic blue berries in autumn which attract birds. American Fringe Tree may be grown as a small tree, multi trunk form or as a shrub. Fall color is a bright yellow. American Fringe Tree is attractive with multi season interests, making it a good pick for a front yard or focal point tree.

Kinsey Family Farm Mountain Gordlinia Sweet Tea

Mountain Gordlinia ‘Sweet Tea’

X Gordlinia grandiflora Mountain Gordlinia ‘Sweet Tea’ 30′. A hybrid which combines the best traits of Franklinia alatamaha with those of Gordonia lasianthus, Loblolly Bay. Large, slightly cupped, white flowers have a bright yellow center. Leaves are rich orange and red during fall. Semi-evergreen, Mountain Gordlinia ‘Sweet Tea’ prefers morning sun with afternoon shade to provide a little relief from the afternoon sun. Mountain Gordlinia ‘Sweet Tea’ is a unique plant for collectors. If you have ever wanted to grow a Franklin tree but have not because they are difficult, Mountain Gordlinia is an ideal alternative.

Kinsey Family Farm American Hornbeam Musclewood

American Hornbeam Musclewood

Carpinus caroliniana American Hornbeam 20′ – 30′. American Hornbeam or Musclewood. A mid size deciduous tree. American Hornbeam is shade tolerant and perfect for spots which need a smaller tree but has shade. In the wild musclewood is an understory tree featuring distinctive muscle like trunk and branches. This appearance gives it the common name of musclewood. The wood is extremely hard and very attractive. Foliage is dark green, turning yellow, orange and red in fall.

Kinsey Family Farm Magnolia virginiana Sweetbay Magnolia

Magnolia Trees

Fragrant. Magnolia trees. Magnolia virginiana Sweetbay, swampbay or swamp magnolia, Magnolia grandiflora ‘Little Gem’ dwarf southern magnolia, Magnolia grandiflora ‘Bracken’s Brown Beauty’ and ‘D.D. Blanchard’ southern magnolia. Our nursery carries a variety of native magnolia trees. Please see: Magnolia Trees.

Kinsey Family Farm Quercus Oak Tree

Oak Trees

Quercus Shumard, Willow, Overcup Oak Deciduous shade tree 40′ – 60′. Please see: Oak Trees.

Paw Paw

Asimina triloba Paw Paw tree. Paw Paw produces edible, tropical like fruit with a delicious with a flavor somewhat like banana/mango with a touch of vanilla. It is naturally a small understory tree so will do well if planted in part shade but will produce the most fruit with sun. Not only is paw paw ideal for a sustainable landscape, it is an attractive ornamental tree as well. Leaves are large and bright green. In fall it will change to bright yellow and really light up a landscape. For a wildlife garden, aw paw foliage is the sole food source for the Zebra Swallowtail Caterpillar so will attract this beautiful butterfly to a yard.

Kinsey Family Farm Diospyros virginiana Weeping Persimmon

Persimmon Weeping ‘Magic Fountain’

Diospyros virginiana Weeping Persimmon ‘Magic Fountain’. A dramatic selection of our North American native persimmon tree noted for its rapid, upright growth and weeping branches. ‘Magic Fountain’ Weeping Persimmon can grow 10′ – 15′ tall with a narrow profile of 5′ to 7′ wide making it a best pick for small areas in a landscape or as a focal point plant. Weeping Persimmon may produce fruit in fall.

Kinsey Family Farm Cercis canadensis Eastern Redbud Forest

Eastern Redbud Trees

Cercis canadensis Eastern Redbud ‘Ruby Falls’ weeping, ‘Lavender Twist’ weeping, ‘The Rising Sun’ upright. Our nursery carries a variety of eastern redbud trees. Please see: Eastern Redbud Trees.

Kinsey Family Farm Poplar Tulip Tree

Tulip Poplar

Liriodendron tulipifera Tulip Poplar tulip tree, American tulip tree, whitewood, fiddle-tree, yellow poplar 60′ – 90′. Tulip Poplar is a large, stately, deciduous tree named its cup shaped, tulip like flowers in spring. Blooms are pale butter yellow with an orange band at the petal base. The four lobed leaves on Tulip Poplar are large and bright green. Fall color is yellow.

Kinsey Family Farm albidum Sassafras Tree


Sassafras albidum Sassafras Deciduous small tree 30′. A medium size tree native to the eastern United states, valued for its gorgeous fall color and tiny blue berries which attract birds to a backyard. Sassafras is shade tolerant and adapts well to poor soil conditions. Bark is reddish brown color featuring cork like ridges. Foliage is smooth edged and a bright medium green color which turns various shades of orange, yellow, scarlet, and deep purple in autumn. Sassafras leaf form ranges from a unique unlobed to a mitten like shape or three lobed. Dark blue berries are borne on brightly colored red stalks.

Kinsey Family Farm Amelanchier arborea Serviceberry Autumn Brilliance


Amelanchier arborea Serviceberry Deciduous Small Tree 15′ – 25′. Attractive to birds and wildlife. Serviceberry is an early flowering, large shrub or small tree with, showy, slightly fragrant, white flowers in drooping clusters. Blooms which appear before the leaves emerge. Serviceberry produces outstanding fall color. Small, round green berries turn red and then will mature to a dark purple black in early summer. The fruit and resemble blueberries in size and color. They may used in jelly, jams, or pies. Amelanchiers are also known as Juneberries. Serviceberry is a best pick for the bird garden.

Kinsey Family Farm Halesia carolina Carolina Silverbell

Carolina Silverbell

Halesia carolina Carolina Silverbell 30′ 40′. Carolina Silverbell is a lovely mid size tree with a round shape canopy and clusters of delicate, bell shaped flowers during late spring. Blossoms are pure white color with delicate yellow stamens. In summertime oblong leaves will be mid green then change to turn yellow for fall. Carolina Silverbell is tolerant of wet feet and is a good choice for wet or damp areas in a garden.

Kinsey Family Farm Cladrastis kentukea American Yellowwood

American Yellowwood

Fragrant. Cladrastis kentukea American Yellowwood Deciduous Shade Tree 30′ -50′. An all around handsome tree with a round crown and smooth, gray bark. American Yellowwood puts a spectacular display of flowers in late spring as numerous wisteria like, foot long blooms droop from the branches. Flower color is typically white but can also take on a pink tint. Flowers later develop into bean like pods which may hang on the branches into winter. American Yellowwood foliage turns yellow or gold orange in autumn.

Kinsey Family Farm Chamaecyparis nootkatensis Weeping Alaskan Cedar

Weeping Alaskan Cedar

Chamaecyparis nootkatensis ‘Pendula’ Weeping Alaskan Cedar 50′. Weeping Alaskan Cedar can make a very dramatic statement in a home landscape. It has a tall, upright, sweeping form which will attract attention from a distance. Weeping Alaskan Cedar grows in a graceful conical shape with long, open branches and flowing form. The branches gently curve upward for the perfect architectural specimen tree.

Kinsey Family Farm Ilex vomitoria Weeping Yaupon Holly

Weeping Yaupon Holly

Ilex vomitoria ‘Pendula’ Weeping Yaupon Holly. Evergreen tree. A beautiful weeping form of Yaupon holly which has classic holly scarlet berries during fall and winter. Weeping Yaupon holly makes a graceful focal point at an entry way or as a specimen in a border garden. Tolerant of many conditions.

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