Landscaping Rocks – Landscape Stone

Landscaping Rocks Stone Supply Georgia Kinsey Family Farm

The Kinsey Family Farm garden center stocks landscaping stone for the homeowner who would like to build a DIY stonescaping project. Rock supply for paths and walkways, short garden walls, raised beds, dry creek beds and other stone landscape structures.

Stack Stone

Stack Stone gives a landscape design a attractive, natural appeal and is also durable for long lasting beauty. This type of stone is ideal for building raised garden beds, lining path and walkways or for building up a raised area beside a deck landing or patio. It is most often applied as a covering for masonry block. Assorted size Stack Stone may be combined with other sizes to create a visually interesting look and texture.

Thin Stack Stone Kinsey Family Farm

Thin Stack Stone – For small walls. outdoor fireplaces and surfaces where a wide stone is not needed, thin stack is a top pick.

Medium Stack Stone Kinsey Family Farm

Medium Stack Stone– A veneer stone which is best used as a decorative covering over block masonry structures, walls and hardscape projects.

Thick Long Stack Stone Kinsey Family Farm

Thick Long Stack Stone – for large hardscaping projects or around the base of buildings or outdoor structures.

River Rock

River rock has a smooth, rounded surface which makes it a best pick for drainage ditch, erosion control dry creek bed of to top a French drain. You can also use them to build an attractive water landing area at the base of a gutter downspout around your home.

River Rock Kinsey Family Farm

Small and Medium Size River Rock – This size river rock is ideal for a DIY narrow dry creek bed around a house or building. The small size is well suited for gutter downspouts and small areas in a hardscape design.

Mixed Size River Rock Kinsey Family Farm

Mixed Size River Rock – A pallet of mixed river rocks and stones are the best idea for building a large drainage ditches or dry creek beds. They allow you to have a variety of sizes and shape stones to fill in blank spots easily and create your won custom design.


Artfully placed landscaping boulders add a distinguished look to a property. They may be used as small accents or as a focal point depending upon your needs and design.

Landscape Boulders Kinsey Family Farm

1 Man Boulders – The smallest size we carry is suitable for small space landscaping, front yard, courtyard gardens, water features and fountains or as a decorative accent at a front door or entryway.

2 Man Boulders – For more open areas the mid size landscaping boulders may be best. They are idea for placing next to a specimen tree or shrub grouping.

3 Man Boulders – The biggest we stock and perfect for large area landscapes or placing next to large specimen trees as an accent.