Landscape Ideas: Groundcovers

These are a few ideas for low growing groundcovers in you landscape design. We included shrubs only, there are also a variety of perennials and vines you could use.

Kinsey Family Farm Distylium Blue Cascade

Distylium ‘Vintage Jade’

‘Vintage Jade’ Dwarf Distylium 2′. The smallest of the distylium shrubs, ‘Vintage Jade’ forms a low growing, spreading mound to 4-5′ wide. ‘Vintage Jade’ Dwarf Distylium is ideal for low hedges along walkways or as a groundcover on a sunny bank and slopes. ‘Vintage Jade’ has the easy to grow characteristics of other distylium and is dense, compact and tolerates a wide range of soil conditions. Evergreen. See: Distylium.

Kinsey Family Farm Gold Lace Juniper


Juniper is a sun loving, evergreen shrub or groundcover which is drought tolerant and can handle our southern heat and sun. Colors range from green to blue to gold tipped. See: Juniper.

Kinsey Family Farm Leucothoe Margie Jenkins


Shade loving leucothoe or doghobble is the perfect, low maintenance ideas for a groundcover in wet areas and drainage ditches where erosion control is needed. Leucothoe can grow from 2-4′ high and 3-5′ wide. New growth is orange rust adding a bright accent to shady areas. Evergreen. Small, white bell shaped flowers.

Kinsey Family Farm Loropetalum Chinese Fringe Flower


Loropetalum, or Chinese fringe flower, is available in dwarf ground cover forms which can grow from 1-3′ tall. Loropetalum has colorful red to purple leaves for multi season interest in your landscape. Low maintenance and drought tolerant, loropetalum blooms in late winter to early spring. Evergreen. See: Loropetalum.

Mugo Pine ‘Pumilio’

Pinus mugo var. pumilio Mugo Pine ‘Pumilio‘ Dwarf mountain pine. A unique idea for a groundcover, typically matures over time to 3-5′ tall by 6-10’ wide. Slow growing, may be trimmed to keep low. Prefers a rich soil and good drainage. Evergreen.

Kinsey Family Farm Bird's Nest Dwarf Norway Spruce

There are a couple of low growing, evergreen spruce varieties which would preform well as ground covers in mass plantings. Spruce would add a unique touch to your landscape. See: Spruce Trees for more.