Perennials: Iris

Aureovariegata Zebra Iris – Lavender blue. An old garden plant that is still a favorite. Aureovariegata has sword like foliage and a clump forming habit. The unique leaves have golden yellow and grey green stripes running through them lengthwise which are attractive even when the plant is not in bloom. Preforms well in Georgia landscapes. Fragrant flowers appear in early summer.

Kinsey Family Farm Border Bearded Batik Iris

Bearded Iris Batik Border – Deep royal purple with irregular spattered and streaked white markings make this border iris unique. Batik Border Bearded Iris has a tall form and particularly large flowers for a border bearded. It will be a distinctive addition to your garden.

Kinsey Family Farm Breakers Bearded Iris

Bearded Iris Breakers – Tall bearded, medium to deep blue. Breakers features large, ruffled blue flowers in spring and may rebloom during fall. The color and form offer an old fashioned, romantic touch in your yard. A best pick for easy to grow flowers for southern gardens.

Bearded BlatantIris germanica Reblooming, German iris. Bicolor with canary yellow standards and deep magenta falls.

Bearded Iris Earl of EssexIris germanica Reblooming, German iris. White flowers with violet veining and stippling on the edges.

Bearded Iris Halloween HaloIris germanica Reblooming, German iris. White petals, yellow falls, and bright orange beards.

Kinsey Family Farm Immortality Bearded Iris

Bearded Iris Immortality – A unique, white re-blooming bearded iris. Immortality is pure white and the beards are accented in delicate, light yellow. Petals have lovely ruffles and the flower a sweet fragrance. Immortality blooms during spring and then again in fall. Flowers are large and the overall plant an easy to grow perennial.

Bearded Iris ImmortalityIris germanica Reblooming, German iris. White self with light lemon yellow beards.

Bearded Iris Innocent StarIris germanica Reblooming, German iris. Burgundy and cream.

Bearded Iris October SplendorIris germanica Reblooming, German iris. Ruffled, lightly laced pink with tangerine beards.

Kinsey Family Farm Summer Olympics Bearded Iris

Bearded Iris Summer Olympics – Tall bearded, lime yellow. Summer Olympics has wonderful ruffled lime yellow blooms. They are among the first to flower in spring, and dependably rebloom again throughout summer. Slight sweet fragrance, easy to grow and requires little care.

Kinsey Family Farm Slovak Prince Bearded Iris

Bearded Iris Slovak Prince – ‘Slovak Prince’ is a tri tone tall bearded iris with white standards that boast a charming golden picotee edge. The falls are deep violet-purple with distinctive white veining. A royal addition to the perennial garden.

Kinsey Family Farm Tennison Ridge Tall Bearded Iris

Bearded Iris Tennison Ridge – Tennison Ridge is a tall bearded iris with alluring, rich plum-burgundy colors. The dark hue contrasts beautifully with the bright white grounds on the flower falls. Tennison Ridge has a long blooming season from late spring to early summer. Forms clumps with medium green, sword shape foliage. Re-blooms in the fall and is excellent for cut flowers for fresh bouquets.

Bearded Iris Victoria FallsIris germanica Reblooming, German iris. Light blue fall is a signal patch of white in the beard.

Flag Blue Flag Iris Versicolor– Native. Blue Flag Iris is called northern blue flag, It is a clump-forming iris native to marshes, swamps, wet meadows, and prefers to be grown in medium to moist soils. Veriscolor means having various colors. Flowers are bluish purple with bold purple veining. Falls have a central yellow area surrounded by a white zone.

Flag Sweet Flag Iris Variegata – Sweet flag violet purple, white edging. Brightly colored, striped foliage is an effective accent even when not in bloom. They add interest anywhere they are planted. Sweet fragrance, reliable and disease resistant.

Japanese Iris Fujiyama – Iris Ensata also aptly called a butterfly iris as it features large, flattened flowers in pure white with yellow centers. Fujiyama Japanese Iris white blooms appear during late spring to early summer on upright stems. Fujiyama Japanese Iris is a clump forming perennial.

Kinsey Family Farm Imperial Magic Japanese Iris

Japanese Iris Imperial Magic – White with purple veins. Elegant and tall stems and narrow, strap like foliage. The flowers on Imperial Magic are a beautiful pristine white with rich royal purple veins and markings.

Kinsey Family Farm Pink Lady Japanese Iris

Japanese Iris Pink Lady – Pink Lady Japanese Iris is a unique variety due ti it’s solid, light pink color. Large, solid pink petals have small yellow flames toward the center. The flower is formed in the classic flat topped blossom of a Japanese iris. Japanese varieties are also called butterfly irises.

Kinsey Family Farm Caesar's Brother Siberian Iris

Siberian Iris Caesar’s Brother – Caesar’s Brother is an old, award winning variety which gardener’s still love for the deep, pansy-violet coloring and plant vigor. Easy care perennial for sun, Foliage is slender and sword like.

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