Holly Bushes

Dwarf Holly Bushes


Kinsey Family Farm Carissa Dwarf Holly

Carissa Dwarf Holly

Ilex cornuta Carissa Holly. Dwarf evergreen shrub 3-4′. Berries: none. A compact, dense bush with medium green, glossy foliage. The right height for a low hedge or border, Carissa may also be grown as a container plant. Low maintenance and drought tolerant. Carissa is a male holly so produces no berries.

Kinsey Family Farm Helleri Dwarf Japanese holly

‘Helleri’ Dwarf

Ilex crenata ‘Helleri’ 2-4′. Japanese holly box leaved holly. ‘Helleri’ is an evergreen shrub with a dense, multi-branched, rounded shape. The leaves are small and soft. This holly variety is easy to shape and prune and is ideal for front yard accent or along a walkway or path.

Kinsey Family Farm Hoogendorn Dwarf Japanese box leaved holly

‘Hoogendorn’ Dwarf Japanese Holly

Ilex crenata ‘Hoogendorn’. Dwarf Japanese holly box leaved holly, evergreen shrub 2′ Berries: none. A compact, low growing bush with soft leaves. Use ‘Hoogendorn’ as an accent plant or as a low growing hedge. The look is similar to boxwood. Also effective along banks and slopes for erosion control. Plants are male so does not produce berries.

Kinsey Family Farm Gem Box holly

Inkberry Holly ‘Gem Box’

Native. Ilex glabra Gallberry, Inkberry Holly ‘Gem Box’ evergreen shrub 24″-36″. Proven Winners plant. Inkberry Holly ‘Gem Box’ has small, soft foliage and a dense form.which is ideal for low growing hedged or as a landscape accent plant. A great native alternative to boxwood.

Kinsey Family Farm Soft Touch Dwarf Japanese Holly

‘Soft Touch’ Dwarf Japanese Holly

Ilex crenata Dwarf Japanese holly ‘Soft Touch’ Box leaf holly 3-4′. An evergreen, dense shrub with flexible branches and soft, glossy green leaves. ‘Soft Touch’ is a compact Japanese holly with a moderate, dome shaped form and spreading habit as the plant ages. ‘Soft Touch’ works well in a landscape as a low foundation shrub, when planted in groups or as a short hedge.

Kinsey Family Farm Yaupon Stokes Dwarf Holly

Yaupon ‘Stokes Dwarf’

Native. Ilex vomitoria Dwarf Yaupon holly ‘Stoke’s Dwarf’ evergreen shrub 3′. Berries: No – Male. A dwarf from of Yaupon holly, Stoke’s Dwarf’ is an evergreen shrub with tight branches. It grows in a compact, spreading mound, making it an excellent pick for a border, low growing hedge or around foundations. ‘Stoke’s Dwarf’ is a male holly which produces no berries.

Tall Shrub – Tree Hollies


Kinsey Family Farm Ilex x Acadiana Holly


Ilex x Hybrid ‘Acadiana’ Holly. Tree form evergreen shrub 14′. Berries: red. Dark green glossy foliage with prominent spines. A red berried holly cultivar. ‘Acadiana’ has attractive bronze to burgundy new growth which matures to a deep green and a tight pyramidal shape. Dense branching habit with red fall berries. ‘Acadiana’ is useful in a landscape as an evergreen privacy screen, specimen plant, back of the border planting or foundation plant. Great for bird gardens.

Kinsey Family Farm Ilex cornuta Burford Holly

Burford Holly

Ilex cornuta Burford Holly. Tree form evergreen shrub 10′. Berries: red. Glossy, pointed leaves have a more rounded shape than other tree type holly bushes. A good pick for bird-scaping, Burford Holly produces an abundance of red berries they will love. Use in living privacy fences or an a border garden specimen.

‘Emily Bruner’

Ilex x ‘Emily Bruner’ holly. Berries: red. Tree form evergreen shrub 20′ with pyramid shape, a good choice for planting privacy hedges and screens. Leaves are a dark green and dense. Foliage is slightly larger than ‘Nellie Stevens’. ‘Emily Bruner’ works well as backdrops in border gardens or as focal point specimens. Colorful berries in fall.

Kinsey Family Farm llex hybrid Conive Festive Holly

Festive Holly

llex hybrid ‘Conive’ Festive Holly 14′. In fall Festive Holly features an abundance of showy orange berries which are prized for their highly ornamental color. Festive Holly has attractive deep green foliage which emerges light green in spring. The glossy oval leaves remain dark green during winter.

Kinsey Family Farm Ilex x attenuata Foster's Holly

‘Foster’s’ Holly

Ilex x attenuata ‘Fosteri’ Foster’s holly pyramidal 20′. A medium green with red berries and pointed leaves. Foster’s holly is a good choice for tree forming and is suitable for living fences, privacy hedges or foundation plantings. Makes a great backdrop in a border garden.

Kinsey Family Farm Osmanthus heterophyllus Goshiki False Holly

Goshiki False Holly

Osmanthus heterophyllus Goshiki False Holly 3-5′. Goshiki translates from the Japanese language as “five colors”. The name is appropriate for this plant as new leaves emerge red then quickly turn to green. The thick green foliage is covered with spots of yellow green, creamy white and gray green. Goshiki False Holly is shade tolerant and a best pick for the shady border garden.

Kinsey Family Farm Native Ilex glabra Inkberry Holly

Inkberry Holly ‘Nigra’

Native. Ilex glabra Gallberry, Inkberry Holly ‘Nigra’ evergreen shrub 6-10′. Berries: blue black. A shade tolerant holly with stiff, upright branches, inkberry grows in a rounded habit. Narrow, oval shaped glossy, spineless leaves are dark green. The narrow foliage creates a finer texture than many other hollies and can turn a purplish during winter. ‘Nigra’ inkberry holly produces a heavy crop of black berries which may persist throughout winter. A holly with many desirable features, inkberry is an excellent choice for hedging, mass planting or foundation plants. ‘Nigra’ inkberry holly can also remain full to the ground making it a good substitution for boxwood. The berries are attractive to birds.

Kinsey Family Farm Ilex x Liberty Holly


Ilex x ‘Liberty’ Holly 6-8′. Dense, evergreen shrub has dark green deeply serrated leaves. Prolific, bright red berries during fall decorate a landscape. Use in multiple plantings or as a hedge, also suitable for garden backgrounds. “liberty’ keeps it’s deep color during winter months.

Kinsey Family Farm Ilex cornuta Needlepoint Holly

Needlepoint Holly

Ilex cornuta Needlepoint Holly evergreen shrub 10′. Berries: red. Heat and drought tolerant, Needlepoint Holly may be used as a foundation planting or in a privacy hedge or living fence. Foliage is soft with a twisted, delicate shape. Growth is compact and dense. Year round interest with bright berries which will persist in winter.

Kinsey Family Farm Nellie R. Stevens Holly

‘Nellie R. Stevens’

Ilex x Hybrid holly ‘Nellie R. Stevens’ holly evergreen shrub 15-20′. Berries: red. A hermaphrodite tree form with both male and female flower parts in each flower. This holly does not require male and female plants for pollination and berry production. ‘Nellie R. Stevens’ holly has a pyramidal shape and glossy, deep green leaves. The leaves are among the darkest green of any holly cultivar. It produces a bright red berry which can persist through winter and are highly attractive to birds. ‘Nellie R. Stevens’ is striking in a landscape when used as a specimen tree and the dense foliage make it effective when planted as as a privacy screen or hedge.

Oakland Holly

Ilex hybrid ‘Magland’ Oakland Holly 15-20′. Oakland Holly has distinctive oak shaped foliage. The leaves are dense and bright green while the shrub features an upright shape. Oakland Holly needs little pruning and is a great idea for planting as an accent or privacy screen.

Kinsey Family Farm Ilex x Oakleaf Holly


Ilex x ‘Conaf’ Hybrid holly ‘Oak Leaf’ 14′. Tree form evergreen shrub. Berries: red. Tall, elegant, pyramidal form. ‘Oak Leaf’ is a hermaphrodite with both male and female flower parts in each flower. Does not require both a male and female plant for pollination and berry production. Attractive emerald green leaves with red berries which persist in winter. The berries of ‘Oak Leaf’ are readily eaten by birds.

Kinsey Family Farm Ilex x Robin Holly


Ilex x Hybrid holly ‘Robin’ Holly evergreen shrub 14′. Berries: red. A female tree form cultivar with lovely, dark green leaves and red berries. The most striking feature of ‘Robin’ holly is its maroon colored new growth. Flowers in spring, and in fall produces clusters of bright red berries. The berries persist into the cold months and add color to a garden during our dreary Georgia winter. ‘Robin’ is similar to Nellie R. Stevens holly although slightly smaller. Effective in a landscape as a specimen tree or planted as a privacy screen hedge.

Kinsey Family Farm Ilex crenata Sky Pencil Holly

Sky Pencil Holly

Ilex crenata Japanese holly ‘Sky Pencil’ holly evergreen shrub 6-8′. Berries: dark purple. Perfect for small space gardening, ‘Sky Pencil’ has and narrow, columnar form. Foliage is a deep green which holds its color year round and produces dark purple berries in fall. Great as vertical accent, they can be planted near entryways or used as a privacy screen in narrow spaces. When planted a large container ‘Sky Pencil’ creates a formal, elegant appearance.

Kinsey Family Farm Ilex vomitoria Weeping Yaupon Holly

Weeping Yaupon Holly

Native. Ilex vomitoria ‘Pendula’ Weeping Yaupon Holly. Evergreen. A distinct, irregular weeping form of Yaupon holly which has bright scarlet berries in fall and winter just in time to decorate a landscape during the holiday season Foliage is small and oval, this tree can produce several trunks in a clump or be trained as a single trunk.. Weeping Yaupon holly makes an elegant focal point at an entry way or as a specimen in a garden bed. Tolerant of many conditions.

Kinsey Family Farm Native Ilex verticillata Winterberry Holly

Winterberry Holly

Native. Ilex verticillata Winterberry holly ‘Winter Red’ or ‘Red Sprite’ female form, ‘Southern Gentlemen’ and ‘Jim Dandy’ male. Deciduous 6-9′. Berries: Orange red on female plants. A beautiful deciduous holly, winterberry has gorgeous red berries along the stems during winter time and is known as a Christmas berry. Great for growing in masses as an informal border, winterberry adds color to a winter landscape. Male (‘Southern Gentlemen’ or ‘Jim Dandy’) and female (‘Winter Red’ or ‘Red Sprite’) plants required for pollination and berries. Outstanding shrub for bird and wildlife gardens.

Winterberry Holly ‘Berry Heavy Gold’

Native. Ilex verticillata Winterberry holly ‘Berry Heavy’. A Proven Winners plant. The large, yellow gold berries of ‘Berry Heavy Gold’ make this a unique winterberry holly. It is a deciduous shrub which drops the leaves on fall, leaving behind branches covered in gold fruit.

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