Gardenia Bush Varieties

Kinsey Family Farm Dwarf Double Mint Gardenia

‘Double Mint’ Gardenia

Gardenia jasminoides ‘Double Mint’ dwarf evergreen 2′ – 3′. One of our favorite dwarf types we have for sale in our garden center. Re-blooming from midsummer all of the way through early fall, ‘Double Mint’ features a compact, rounded shape. It is a hardy little shrub which sets masses of lovely, wonderfully fragrant double white blooms. The pure white color of the flowers is beautiful set among the dark, glossy evergreen foliage. ‘Double Mint’ is a must for the scented garden.

Kinsey Family Farm Kleim's Hardy Gardenia

‘Kleim’s Hardy’ Gardenia

Gardenia jasminoides ‘Kleim’s Hardy’ 3′ – 4′. Evergreen leaves are a glossy dark green, grows slowly in a rounded mounding habit. ‘Kleim’s Hardy’ gardenia has a long bloom season with pure white, star like flowers. Prefers partial shade in a moist, well drained soil. With its compact size, ‘Kleim’s Hardy’ is an outstanding addition to a small space garden. It is useful in a landscape as an accent shrub, front of the border shrub or as a container plant.

Kinsey Family Farm Heaven Scent Gardenia

‘Heaven Scent’ Gardenia

Gardenia augusta ‘Heaven Scent’ Evergreen Shrub 3′ – 4′ from the Gardeners Confidence collection. A repeat bloomer, flowers from late spring through summer. Flowers are white, single petal and fragrant. ‘Heaven Scent’ has a upright, dense form great for container planting or walkway borders. The small size makes it a best pick for small space gardens or as an accent shrub in a perennial bed. ‘Heaven Scent’ gardenia features unique red, orange and yellow seed pods in fall.

Kinsey Family Farm Pinwheel Hardy Gardenia

‘Pinwheel’ Gardenia

Gardenia augusta ‘Pinwheel’. 4′ from the Gardeners Confidence collection. A lovely evergreen with charming flowers and the classic intoxicating fragrance of a gardenia bush. The profuse flowers have a crisp, whirled shape. Blooms repeat from late spring through fall. Foliage is a deep, glossy green which provides year round interest. ‘Pinwheel’ is a cold hardy variety. Use ‘Pinwheel’ near a window to catch the wonderful scent during the summer!

‘Sweet Tea’ Gardenia

Gardenia jasminoides ‘Sweet Tea’ semi-dwarf evergreen 3′-5′. A reblooming double gardenia with large flowers. ‘Sweet Tea’ has a more upright form than other gardenia bushes and is known to be winter hardy.

Gardenia varieties for sale in our plant nursery garden center are subject to change.