Landscape Ideas: Small Ornamental Flowering Trees – Front Yard Trees

Scarlet Buckeye

Native. Aesculus pavia Scarlet Buckeye, firecracker plant, red buckeye 12′ -15′. A deciduous small tree. Shade tolerant, scarlet buckeye is the perfect pick for a shade garden or woodland edge. It is tolerant of damp and moist areas. Scarlet buckeye has large, showy red flowers in spring which are very attractive to hummingbirds. The large, unique foliage is shiny deep green with an unusual compound shape. A flowering tree native to Georgia.

Kinsey Family Farm Halesia carolina Carolina Silverbell

Carolina Silverbell

Native. Halesia carolina Carolina Silverbell 30′ – 40′. Carolina Silverbell is a beautiful small to mid size tree with a rounded canopy and clusters of small, bell shaped flowers in spring. Blooms are pure white with delicate yellow stamens. Oblong leaves are a medium green and turn yellow in autumn. Carolina Silverbell can handle having wet feet and is a best pick for damp or wet spots in a landscape.

Kinsey Family Farm Chaste Tree Shoal Creek

Chaste Tree ‘Shoal Creek’, ‘Delta Blues’

Vitex agnus-castus Chaste Tree ‘Shoal Creek’ and ‘Delta Blues’, summer lilac tree, lilac chaste tree, fast growing. Vitex Chaste tree is an attractive small tree which blooms in dense clusters of fragrant violet flowers. Flowering appears over an extended season during the summer months. Vitex chaste tree ‘Shoal Creek’ (12′ – 15′) develops a wide open canopy as it matures and has and aromatic gray green foliage. This plant thrives in our Georgia heat and makes an exceptional patio tree or can be perfect for a driveway row. Flowers are quite attractive to butterflies. Vitex chaste tree can be an alternative idea to crape myrtle.

Kinsey Family Farm Ornamental Flowering Cherry Tree

Ornamental Cherry Trees

Ornamental Cherry can be an ideal choice for an ornamental, flowering tree for a front yard tree. There are several cultivars to pick from which vary in height and size, the one that is best suited for your landscape will depend upon space. Flower color is either pure white, pink, pr pinkish white. They are available in upright and weeping forms. See: Cherry Trees.

Kinsey Family Farm Crabapple Prairiefire

Crabapple ‘Prairiefire’

Crabapple is a beautiful front yard tree with bright pink flowers in early spring that will turn into small crabapple fruits in the fall. Birds will eat the crabapples and help you tidy up! New foliage on ‘Prairiefire’ crabapple is a red purple and will hold its color until summer, when it changes to a deep green with red tips. Bark is an attractive silver grey for year round interest. ‘Prairiefire’ crabapple is heat tolerant and does well in our Georgia summers.

Kinsey Family Farm Pink Velour Crape Myrtle Tree


Crapemyrtle is a flowering tree which is a strong performer in a landscape design. The best pick for your yard will depend on size and which color is your personal favorite! In white, pinks, lavender purple and red, along with an assortment of heights, crape myrtle can be a versatile flowering front yard tree. Flowering occurs from mid summer to fall and the exfoliating bark provides winter interest. See: Crapemyrtle.

Kinsey Family Farm Cherokee Brave Flowering Dogwood Tree

Dogwood Trees

Dogwoods are a classic southern tree for Georgia landscapes. They have a wonderful, uneven shape and overall gentle look. Large pink or white flowers in spring will turn to bright red fall berries for the birds. Fall colors are frequently deep red to maroon. Shade tolerant. See: Dogwood Trees.

Kinsey Family Farm American Fringe Tree

American Fringe Tree

Native. Chionanthus virginicus American Fringe Tree, Old Man’s Beard, Grancy Gray Beard Deciduous Small Tree12′ – 30′. Shade tolerant – part shade. If you want something unique, Fringe tree is a best pick. This stunning small tree is an underused native for front yards! Flowers are very showy, covering the tree with tassel like white blooms. Fall foliage is a beautiful bright yellow. Females plants will produce large metallic blue berries in autumn that are attractive to birds. American Fringe Tree will offer multi season interests, making it a good pick for a front yard or when planted as a focal point.

Kinsey Family Farm Southern Magnolia


Magnolia The south is know for its amazing magnolia trees and they can be a best pick for a home landscape. Cultivars can range from large 50′ shade tree sizes to narrow space, smaller varieties for small landscape plants. Large white flowers in summer, with a primary bloom early then sporadic flowering throughout the remainder of the season. Some varieties can be fragrant. See: Magnolias.

Kinsey Family Farm Mountain Gordlinia Sweet Tea

Mountain Gordlinia ‘Sweet Tea’

X Gordlinia grandiflora Mountain Gordlinia ‘Sweet Tea’ 30′. A hybrid that blends the best traits of Franklinia alatamaha Franklin tree and Loblolly Bay. Large white lowers are slightly cupped with bright yellow centers. Fall color is a rich orange and red. Mountain Gordlinia is semi-evergreen and prefers morning sun with shade later in the day to provide relief from the afternoon sun. Mountain Gordlinia ‘Sweet Tea’ is a must have plant for collectors. Mountain Gordlinia is the best alternative to the difficult to grow Franklin tree.

Kinsey Family Farm Ornamental Flowering Peach Corinthian Pink

Ornamental Flowering Peach ‘Corinthian Pink’

Prunus persica Ornamental Flowering Peach ‘Corinthian Pink’ 20′ – 25′. At 10′ – 15′ wide ‘Corinthian Pink’ ornamental flowering peach tree is ideal for narrow spaces by a walkway or down a driveway. It may also be used in a front yard. In spring the bare branches of this ornamental Flowering Peach are full of double pink blossoms before foliage emerges. Leaves are a colorful reddish green with sharply serrated edges. A show stopper.

Kinsey Family Farm Weeping Flowering Peach Pink Cascade

Ornamental Weeping Flowering Peach ‘Pink Cascade’

Prunus persica Ornamental Weeping Flowering Peach ‘Pink Cascade’. Weeping Peach ‘Pink Cascade’ is small sized ornamental peach tree that has double pink flowers in early spring. Blossoms appear along arching branches before foliage emerges. Foliage is a red-purple turning green as it matures. Weeping Peach ‘Pink Cascade’ is a great variety as a front yard focal point. The graceful shape offers a landscape winter interest.

Kinsey Family Farm Ornamental Flowering Plum

Ornamental Flowering Plum

Flowering plum is an early spring blooming ornamental tree with unusual, purple red foliage. Flowers are a delicate pinkish white. Even after the flowers have passed, the coloring on an ornamental plum can add value to a landscape. Some cultivars can be used in narrow spaces.

Kinsey Family Farm Flowering Redbud

Eastern Redbud

Native. Eastern Redbud in bloom is a sure sign of spring. One of the first flowers to emerge, the bright lavender pink color is always a welcomed sight at the end of winter. Tree sizes range according too the cultivar, some are even in dwarf weeping forms! All feature the large, heart shape leaves redbud is known for and leaf color can be green or red. See: Eastern Redbud.

Rose of Sharon ‘Raspberry Smoothie’

Hibiscus syriacus ‘Raspberry Smoothie’ Rose of Sharon .

Kinsey Family Farm Amelanchier arborea Serviceberry


Native. Amelanchier arborea Serviceberry ‘Autumn Brilliance’, ‘Robin Hill’. Deciduous small tree 15′ – 25′. Serviceberry is an early flowering, large shrub or small tree with showy white flowers which bloom in drooping clusters. Serviceberry has outstanding fall color. Small, round mature to a dark purple black in early summer. The fruit may used in jelly, jams, or pie. Amelanchiers are also called Juneberries. Serviceberry is a best pick for a backyard bird garden.

Kinsey Family Farm American Yellowwood

American Yellowwood

Fragrant. Native. Cladrastis kentukea American Yellowwood deciduous small shade tree 30′ -50′. A handsome front yard tree with a round canopy and smooth, gray bark. American Yellowwood puts a spectacular display of wisteria like, foot long blooms droop from the branches. Flower color is white but can also take on a pink shade. These will develop into bean like pods which can remain into winter. American Yellowwood fall foliage is yellow or gold orange.