Landscape Ideas: Evergreen Trees

Kinsey Family Farm Thuja Arborvitae


With the wide variety of arborvitae cultivars for sale there is bound to be one to fit your landscape plan. Sizes can range from dwarf to large space privacy screens. Relatively fast growing, arborvitaes can be drought tolerant and handle our hot Georgia sun. Narrow, tall types are available for containers or thin strips of land. Evergreen conifer. See: Arborvitae.

Kinsey Family Farm Cedrus Evergreen Cedar Trees


Cedar may be blue or green needle conifer. Most have fragrant foliage and short needles. They are evergreen conifers available in dwarf, semi dwarf, small trees, weeping and large sizes. Each cultivar is unique and suitable to serve a different purpose in a landscape design. See: Cedar Trees.

Kinsey Family Farm Fast Growing Trees Cryptomeria


Cryptomeria is an evergreen conifer with a range of sizes and uses. From large, evergreen tree windbreaks to living fences and even dwarf globe shaped for landscaping accents. Japanese cryptomeria is another choice which is great for Asian or Zen gardens. Some cryptomeria are fast growing trees. See: Cryptomeria.

Kinsey Family Farm Cuppressus Cypress Tree

Cypress – False Cypress

Cypress is another valuable evergreen tree for a landscape plan. Types can be tall and narrow for formal windbreaks and screening, or large, open area privacy hedges to smaller shrub forms. Most are fast growing trees. False cypress is often a small tree for limited spaces. The hinoki cypress have irregular shapes and work well in Japanese, Asian or Zen gardens while dwarf cultivars can be great in a rock garden. Most have aromatic foliage in green or blue shades and prefer sun. See Cypress Falsecypress Hinoki.

Kinsey Family Farm Ilex Holly


Holly is a beautiful evergreen plant for southern gardens. Varieties can be dwarf, small trees, large specimen and privacy trees. They often feature colorful berries during the winter season which will both brighten a yard as well as attract birds to your home. Holly has a medium growth rate and is shade tolerant but prefers sun. See: Holly Trees.

Kinsey Family Farm Juniperus chinensis Hollywood Juniper

Hollywood Juniper

Hollywood Juniper 15′ is a fun, unique mid to large tree for a sun area of the yard. Relatively fast growing, Hollywood juniper has an architectural, irregular form. They can be used for hedges and are drought tolerant once established. Fall brings small, blue berries for a decorative touch and winter season interest.

Kinsey Family Farm Thunderhead Japanese Black Pine

Japanese Black Pine Thunderhead

Pinus thunbergii Thunderhead Japanese Black Pine 10-15′. A semi dwarf pine variety with a shrubby, compact form. Thunderhead is one of the smaller members of the Japanese Black Pine family and has an unusual look. Appealing, irregular growth habit and deep green needles add a distinctive touch to a home or commercial landscaping plan. Dark green needles are densely packed and attractive year round. Thunderhead Pine is an ideal focal point for a modern or Asian garden.