Landscape Ideas: Evergreen Shrubs

Kinsey Family Farm Kaleidoscope Abelia


You can buy abelia bushes in different heights to use in assorted places in your landscape design. They have white flowers in summer which will attract butterflies and hummingbirds. Abelia can be in green to red or variegated cultivars. Sun tolerant. See: Abelia.

Kinsey Family Farm Illicium parviflorum Anise Evergreen Shrub


Anise is shade tolerant and handy for creating a bright spot in a shade garden. There are variegated, chartreuse yellow and solid green types for sale. This is a shrub that prefers a little water so may be used in damp areas as well. Evergreen shrub for shade.

Kinsey Family Farm Evergreen Shrub Arborvitae


Dwarf and semi dwarf arborvitaes are a useful shrub for our hot Georgia climate. They are sun and drought tolerant. It is an evergreen conifer shrub with either yellow. green or yellow and green needles. See: Arborvitae.

Kinsey Family Farm Evergreen Aucuba Bushes


Shade loving evergreen shrub. Aucuba has wonderful bright green leaves heavily speckled with yellow gold. Height of these can vary depending upon the cultivar but all thrive in shade. They are typically dense and low maintenance plants for a woodland garden or forest edge.

Kinsey Family Farm Evergreen Azalea Bushes


Azalea bushes can be low growing bushes or large shrubs. You can buy then in shade tolerant varieties or sun loving types. Flower color varies greatly so there is sure to be one to suit your garden design plan. See: Azalea.

Kinsey Family Farm Evergreen Boxwood Shrub


Boxwood is a drought tolerant, sun loving shrub and a traditional hedgerow plant. Enthusiasts also use them for topiary and bonsai shaping since they take to pruning so well. available in variegated or green leaves. See: Boxwood.

Kinsey Family Farm Evergreen Camellia Bush


An evergreen flowering shrub for the south. Shade tolerant camellia bushes have either fall or spring flowers and shiny, deep green leaves. There are both dwarf small varieties as well as large. Larger may be tree formed or used as bonsai. See: Camellias.

Kinsey Family Farm Cleyera LeAnn

Cleyera ‘LeAnn’

strong>Cleyera ‘LeAnn’ 10′ – 12′. Cleyera is an easy to grow shrub with glossy, dark green leaves with red tips on new growth. It will handle a hard pruning if needed to keep it in shape. Cleyera is a drought tolerant shrub that can tolerate some shade.

Kinsey Family Farm Globe Cryptomeria


A versatile, evergreen shrub for sun. Drought tolerant and hardy, cryptomeria is available in small glove types for accents to mid size small trees for a large space in a border or for a background. See: Cryptomeria.

Kinsey Family Farm Hinoki Soft Serve Falsecypress

Cypress – False Cypress

There are a wide range of cypress types for sale including evergreen shrub forms. They may be used in formal, informal Asian and Japanese gardens. See Falsecypress, Hinoki Cypress.

Kinsey Family Farm Distylium Blue Cascade


A hardy, drought tolerant shrub for southern gardens, distylium holds up well in out hot Georgia sun. Perfect when paired with purple leaf loropetalum for a colorful border or foundation plant. See: Distylium.

Kinsey Family Farm Heaven Scent Gardenia Bush


Evergreen shrub for part shade or sun with shiny green leaves and highly fragrant flowers all summer. Most are reblooming and will provide flowers well into the fall season. See: Gardenia.

Kinsey Family Farm Osmanthus heterophyllus Goshiki False Holly


Sun or shade tolerant holly adds texture and color wherever it is planted. There are colorful variegated forms or deep greens which provide bright red berries in winter season. Most holly bushes are evergreen but a few are deciduous. See: Holly.

Kinsey Family Farm Indian Hawthorn

Indian Hawthorn

A low growing evergreen shrub with white flowers in summer. Indian Hawthorn can handle a hard pruning and is an idea for formal hedges.

Kinsey Family Farm Gold Lace Juniper


Juniper is a sun loving, evergreen shrub or groundcover which is drought tolerant and can handle our heat. Types include groundcover, dwarf, small to mid size shrub and tree forms. See: Juniper.

Kinsey Family Farm Leucothoe Margie Jenkins


Shade loving leucothoe is the perfect, low maintenance choice for wet areas and drainage ditches where erosion control is needed. New growth is orange rust adding a bright accent to shady areas. Small, white bell shaped flowers.

Kinsey Family Farm Loropetalum Chinese Fringe Flower


Loropetalum comes in dwarf ground cover types to tall, almost small tree height forms. They have stunning red to purple leaves and provide all season interest in a yard. Low maintenance and drought tolerant, loropetalum blooms in late winter to early spring. See: Loropetalum.

Mountain Laurel

A lovely, native flowing shrub for woods and shade gardens. Mountain laurel needs water so be sure to situate it where it gets some! Leaves are shiny green and evergreen. Clusters of red to white flowers in early summer.

Kinsey Family Farm Katsura Pieris


shade loving, evergreen bushes with cascading white flowers in spring. Blooms are bell shaped and resemble lily of the valley. Pieris is a good choice for damp areas in your home landscaping as it prefers water. See: Pieris.

Ligustrum Privet

Evergreen shrub with glossy, deep green leaves. A fast growing, shade tolerant, ligustrum may be pruned to use and hedging bushes.

Kinsey Family Farm Roseum elegans Rhododendrons


A classic flowing shrub for southern woodland gardens, rhododendron is shade tolerant. They can look great when planted in multiples or alone as an accent or backdrop bush. Foliage is evergreen and can be large or small leaved. Flower colors range from white. purple, lavender to pink. See: Rhododendron

Kinsey Family Farm Southern Wax Myrtle

Southern Wax Myrtle

Shade tolerant but will be more dense in sun. Evergreen to semi evergreen large shrub. great for property borders and woodland edges where unstructured shrubs will work. Wax myrtle may also be pruned into a tree or hedge. Foliage is very fragrant and small, blue berries attract birds.

Kinsey Family Farm Fragrant Tea Olive

Fragrant Tea Olive

Osmanthus fragrans Fragrant Tea Olive is a mid to large evergreen shrub. Easily grown in our southern climate, plant in a well drained, sunny spot. Fragrant Tea Olive can be used as an effective privacy hedge. This plant is very fragrant and will fill a garden with scent. Shown with smooth leaf and sawtooth leave Osmanthus x fortunei, Fortune’s tea olive.

Kinsey Family Farm Pearlific Viburnum


Our garden center carries several types of evergreen viburnum shrubs. They may be effective hedge or foundation plants and all have white to pink summer blooms. Some will berry if you have a second pollinator planted nearby. See: Viburnum.

Kinsey Family Farm Yucca Color Guard


Yucca is a low growing, unusual shrub for sun. Tall spikes with white flowers appear in early summer and will attract hummingbirds to your yard. Yucca is fir sale in variegated or blue to reddish foliage colors. Drought tolerant, yucca works well in rick gardens or dry areas.