Elm Trees Varieties

Kinsey Family Farm Ulmus americana Princeton American Elm Tree

‘Princeton’ American Elm

Native. Ulmus americana American Elm ‘Princeton’ white elm. Deciduous shade tree 80′ – 100′. A disease tolerant elm cultivar. American elm may once have been the most widely used landscape and street tree in North America before Dutch elm disease devastated their population. It is a fast growing tree with dark green leaves which turn a gorgeous bright yellow in fall. The ‘Princeton’ American elm makes a beautiful shade tree in a landscape with a spreading canopy and open space underneath. A heritage tree, ‘Princeton’ is easy to grow, very hardy and tolerant of growing conditions. It can live for several hundred years.

Kinsey Family Farm Ulmus parvifolia Allee Lacebark Elm Tree

‘Allee’ Lacebark Elm

Ulmus parvifolia Lacebark Elm ‘Allee’. Deciduous shade tree 40′ – 60. A graceful medium sized, vase shaped shade tree which forms a rounded canopy. Branches on ‘Allee’ are arching and covered in glossy, deep green, serrated leaves. Its most noteworthy quality is the beautiful exfoliating bark that peels to show vibrant shades of green, gray, orange and brown. ‘Allee’ is very tough tree which can tolerate many harsh growing conditions. Fast growing.

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