Dogwood Trees and Shrubs

Native Dogwood Trees

‘Cayenne’ Shrub Dogwood

Cornus amomum ‘Cayenne’ dogwood shrub. First Editions Plants. Green leaves during the summer time, red to orange fall foliage, porcelain blue berries and bright red stems in winter give this shrub dogwood multi season interest. Plants spread by suckers to form a colony. Prefers moisture so is desirable in a wetland area, damp spot or along creek edges.

Kinsey Family Farm Celestial Shadow Variegate Dogwood Tree

‘Celestial Shadow’ Variegated

Variegated Dogwood Tree ‘Celestial Shadow’ 30-25′. Variegated leaves emerge in spring with wide margins of butter yellow and lime green centers. The yellow and green variegation adds contrast to the bright white flowers. Fall foliage is a beautiful pink to purple. ‘Celestial Shadow’ is a hybrid a which displays good disease resistance.

Kinsey Family Farm Cherokee Brave Flowering Dogwood Tree

‘Cherokee Brave’

Native. Cornus florida Dogwood Tree ‘Cherokee Brave’ Pink 20-30′. Wildlife and bird garden plant. A pink flowering dogwood with a rounded shape, perfect as a small ornamental landscape tree or understory tree in a woodland garden. New growth is a reddish green that turns a rich green as leaves mature. The fall color on ‘Cherokee Brave’ is a beautiful burgundy red with red berries in early to late fall. For pink flowering types we carry ‘Cherokee Brave’ in our garden center as we feel it is one of the better varieties for sale. A good pick for Georgia gardens.

Kinsey Family Farm Cherokee Princess Dogwood Tree

‘Cherokee Princess’

Native. Cornus florida Dogwood Tree ‘Cherokee Princess’ White 15-25′. Wildlife and bird garden plant. Small sized landscape tree with many large, snow white blooms in spring. ‘Cherokee Princess’ is a smaller sized dogwood, making it a great fit for a small landscape or space. The fall foliage is a bright blend of orange and red, and red berries appear in the fall. he berries attract songbirds to a garden.

‘Ragin’ Red’

Cornus florida ‘Ragin’ Red’ 25-30′ Deep pink to red flowering dogwood tree. ‘Ragin’ Red’ selection is notable for its deep red flowers in the spring. After flowering, ‘Ragin’ Red’ has striking red new growth and a deep burgundy fall color.

Kinsey Family Farm Cornus florida Dogwood Tree Rubra


Native. Cornus florida Dogwood Tree Rubra. A small size, pink flowering dogwood tree at 15-25′, ideal for a good summer display in a front yard. Shade tolerant like other flowing dogwoods so ideal for woodland gardens, hedgerows or a shady border planting.

Kousa Dogwoods

Kinsey Family Farm Kousa Dogwood Blu Ray'

Kousa Dogwood ‘Blu Ray’

Cornus kousa chinensis Dogwood Tree Blue Ray White 15-20′. A small, deciduous, flowering tree or multi-stemmed shrub with a horizontal branches and vase shaped habit when young, which eventually matures to a rounded shape. Abundant blooms appear in late spring followed by bright red berries. The flower bracts are quite showy, featuring four narrowly pointed petal like white bracts around a center of yellow green, true flowers. The berry on Kousa Dogwood ‘Blu Ray’ matures to a pinkish red in summer and persist into fall. Kousa Dogwood ‘Blu Ray’ has multi season interest with showy flowers over a long period in late spring and early summer, beautiful exfoliating bark, good fall color and attractive fruit.

Kousa ‘Mandarin Jewel’

Cornus kousa var. chinensis ‘Mandarin Jewel’ Kousa dogwood tree 15-20′. ‘Mandarin Jewel’ has dark green leaves through summer and large, showy white flowers. In fall ‘Mandarin Jewel’ produces unusual bright orange fruit. The orange shade stands out against the foliage and is visible from a distance.

Pink Kousa

Cornus kousa rubra Pink Kousa Dogwood 15-20′. A pink flowering variety of kousa dogwood which flowers in early summer. Pink Kousa Dogwood has a shrub like form and is a great idea for along property edges and landscape borders.

Flowering Dogwoods varieties for sale in our plant nursery garden center are subject to change.