Distylium Shrub Varieties

Kinsey Family Farm Distylium Blue Cascade

‘Blue Cascade’

Distylium ‘PIIDIST-II’ PPAF ‘Blue Cascade’ 3-4′. A compact, evergreen shrub with matte blue green leaves. Grows in sun to partial shade. ‘Blue Cascade’ distylium is an excellent choice for southern gardens as it is heat and drought tolerant. Small, reddish maroon flowers in late winter to early spring add winter interest. Plant ‘Blue Cascade’ in masses for low growing hedges or as accent plants in a mixed border.

Kinsey Family Farm Distylium Cinnamon Girl

‘Cinnamon Girl’ Dwarf

Distylium ‘Cinnamon Girl’ dwarf 3-4′. A small leaf selection which makes a suitable alternative to boxwood and other evergreen plants which can have disease and insect problems. New growth on ‘Cinnamon Girl’ is n attractive plum purple. As leaves mature they will change to blue green.

Kinsey Family Farm Distylium Coppertone


Distylium ‘Coppertone’ 3-4′ evergreen shrub with a rounded to spreading habit. New leaves are coppery red which will change to to blue green as they mature. Small red flowers appear during winter. A versatile and adaptable shrub for our Georgia climate, Coppertone may be grown in full sun or part shade. It is tolerant of our hot summers and can withstand drought. Coppertone is ideal for places where you need low maintenance, evergreen shrubs.

Kinsey Family Farm Distylium Linebacker


Distylium ‘Linebacker’ 8-10′. Rounded, upright evergreen shrub which matures into a great hedge screening hedge plant. Coppery red new growth matures to dark green. ‘Linebacker’ is an adaptable plant which will grow in full sun or part shade, is heat and tolerant as well as tolerate wet soil. Distylium shows exceptional resistance to disease and insects.

Kinsey Family Farm Dwarf Distylium Vintage Jade

‘Vintage Jade’ Dwarf

Distylium Hybrid ‘Vintage Jade’ 2′. Dwarf Distylium. The smallest of the distylium, ‘Vintage Jade’ is perfect for thick, low hedges and borders along walkways or paths. It may also be used as front of the garden edging. ‘Vintage Jade’ has the easy to grow characteristics of other distylium and is dense, compact and tolerates a wide range of soil conditions.

Distylium varieties for sale in our plant nursery garden center are subject to change.