Perennials: Daylily Hemerocallis Daylilies

Kinsey Family Farm Always Afternoon Daylily Plants

Always Afternoon Daylily – Award Winner with early, large rosy-purple flowers that have a green throat and dark plum purple eye. Edges are nicely ruffled in a lighter pink. Always Afternoon is a strong tetraploid plant with heavy stems and foliage stays attractive foliage all season. Repeat blooming, extended flowering season.

Kinsey Family Farm Bakabana Daylily Plants

Bakabana Daylily – A super flowering perennial which produces over 600 flowers after 3 years. Bright yellow 4″ flowers have lightly ruffled edges. Plant in full sun to create a bright spot in a border garden. Bakabana has sturdy stems, repeat blooming.

Kinsey Family Farm Barbara Mitchell Daylily

Barbara Mitchell Daylily – Large, 6″ pink blooms with ruffled edges and light yellow throats. A prolific bloomer.

Bestseller Daylily – Wide, lavender-pink petals with yellow ruffles and yellow-green throats. Compact.

Big Smile Daylily – Large flowers in a sunny yellow orange. Ruffled petals are edged in a beautiful pink surrounded by a green throat. Mid-summer flowering, rebloomer.

Kinsey Family Farm Calico Jack Daylily

Calico Jack Daylily – Large, 6″ bright yellow blossoms with plum red ruffled edges and a matching eye.

Catherine Woodbury Daylily – Delicate, lavender-pink flowers with a golden eye.

Kinsey Family Farm Chicago Apache Daylily

Chicago Apache Daylily – mid-late, 5″ ruffled flowers. The rich scarlet blooms on this plant have a heavy, velvety texture and ruffled edges, sun fast color. Chicago Apache is popular red and a good rebloomer.

Kinsey Family Farm Congo Coral Daylily

Congo Coral Daylily – 5″ salmon-coral blooms in spring and again in the fall.

Kinsey Family Farm Custard Candy Reblooming Daylily

Custard Candy Daylily – Pale cream yellow with a maroon eyezone. Throat is green and there is a light golden yellow band edging the petals. Custard Candy is a rebloomer.

Kinsey Family Farm Repeat Blooming Daring Deception Daylily

Daring Deception Daylily – Super bloomer perennial plant which produces over 500 flowers after 3 years. Large 5″ lavender pink flowers with a large, dark purple eye and dark purple ruffled edges. Daring Deception has semi-evergreen foliage and repeat blooming.

Kinsey Family Farm Repeat Blooming Diva's Choice Daylily

Diva’s Choice Daylily – Reblooming, bright bubble gum pink flowers have yellow, highly ruffled margins and a beautiful yellow throat. Large 6″ flowers appear heavily in early summer and then again late summer when temperatures start to cool. Foliage on Diva’s Choice is semi-evergreen. Repeat blooming.

Kinsey Family Farm Eenie Weenie Daylily

Eenie Weeni Daylily – A dwarf Hemerocallis with light yellow flowers and a green throat. This type is lightly fragrant and reblooms. Early/Midseason. Great for a container garden.

Kinsey Family Farm Reblooming Entrapment Daylily

Entrapment Daylily – Super bloomer perennial with 32 flowers per stem once mature. Large 6″ purple blue flowers have a yellow throat and wonderful ruffling. Plant with lighter pink or white flowers for a show stopping display in your perennial garden, Entrapment features excellent repeat blooms.

Kinsey Family Farm Elizabeth Salter Daylily

Elizabeth Salter Daylily – Melon and pink with ruffled edges. The large, 6″ flowers are reblooming.

EveryDaylily Rose Daylily – Pretty, two-toned rosy-pink flowers will bloom repeatedly all summer.

Kinsey Family Farm Fooled Me Daylily

Fooled Me Daylily – Super bloomer, plants have 28 flowers per stem once mature. Large bright golden yellow flowers have a deep red eye and green throat. Ruffled edges with a narrow red line accent. Fooled Me has strong stems and excellent substance. Extended flowering.

Kinsey Family Farm Fragrant Returns Daylily

Fragrant Returns Daylily – Pretty lemon chiffon flowers are lightly ruffled and their fragrance fills the air over a long blooming season. This variety has shorter stems than other daylilies, making Fragrant Returns a good choice for planting in containers. Reblooming.

Kinsey Family Farm Frosted Vintage Ruffles Daylily

Frosted Vintage Ruffles Daylily – Early season bloom in a pastel blend of cream yellow with a pink blush and darker pink edges. The large flowers on Frosted Vintage Ruffles are heavily ruffled and extremely fragrant. Easy care, reblooms. Super bloomer with over 300 flowers after 3 years.

Gentle Shepherd Daylily – A unique variety with pure white blooms with light green throats.

Kinsey Family Farm Rainbow Rhythm Going Bananas Daylily

Going Bananas Rainbow Rhythm Daylily – A Proven Winners perennial plant. Soft lemon yellow flowers are lightly fragrant and open fully a shorter clump of attractive green foliage. Going Bananas blooms early in the hemerocallis season and will flower throughout the heat of our Georgia summer and into the fall.

Handwriting on the Wall Daylily. Peach colored petals with wine purple eye zones and yellow throats.

Heavenly Mr. Twister Daylily – A spider variety with pinkish red flowers with a yellow throat.

Hyperion Daylily – A strong, easy to grow variety which is a southern favorite, Hyperion has been in cultivation for more than 80 years. Features lightly fragrant, cheerful yellow blooms.

Kinsey Family Farm Barbara Mitchell Daylily

Isabella Marafi Daylily – Large, 6″ ruffled double flowers in a salmon orange color.

Kinsey Family Farm Repeat Bloom Janice Brown Daylily

Janice Brown Daylily – A beautiful baby pink with ruffled tepals and large raspberry band with a green inner throat. Janice Brown is a prolific, reblooming hemerocallis.

Joan Senior Daylily – Creamy white petals are ruffled and slightly curved. A favorite among the white hemerocallis. Joan Senior has a soft lime-green eye and pale yellow watermark. Repeat bloom hemerocallis.

Judy Judy Daylily. Fragrant. Lavender flowers with a frilly, ruffled yellow picotee.

Lullaby Baby Daylily. Almost white blooms with a pale pink blush.

Kinsey Family Farm Mauna Loa Daylily Plants

Mauna Loa Daylily – Large bright coppery-orange blooms have a thin ruffled edge. The green throat really sets off the lava like color. Sure to add ‘pop’ to a sunny perennial bed.

Marque Moon Daylily. Fragrant. Iridescent ivory petals with yellow along the edges and centers.

Mighty Chestnut Daylily. Unique red-orange flowers with stripes of burgundy in the middle.

Repeat Bloom Moonlit Masquerade Daylily Kinsey Family Farm

Moonlit Masquerade Daylily – Nearly white blooms with a deep purple eye and green throat. Moonlit Masquerade is repeat blooming hemerocallis.

Night Embers Daylily. Reblooming. Deep double, maroon blooms with a yellow throat.

Nosferatu Rainbow Rhythm Daylily – A Proven Winners perennial plant. Large 6”, fragrant, dark purple petals and a chartreuse throat. Edges are ruffled.

Kinsey Family Farm Orange Smoothie Rainbow Rhythm Daylily

Orange Smoothie Rainbow Rhythm Daylily. A Proven Winners plant. Wide, mango orange petals with a light rose pink band and green throat.

Kinsey Family Farm Repeat Bloom Pandora's Box Daylily

Pandora’s Box Daylily – Award Winner, reblooming. Stunning, creamy white flowers that have a distinct cranberry-purple eye. Pandora’s Box is fragrant and the flowers are nicely ruffled. Sun fast color and vigorous grower.

Pardon Me diploid daylily. Miniature, fragrant. Cranberry red blooms with a narrow yellow watermark and bright green throat.

Kinsey Family Farm Primal Scream Daylily

Primal Scream Daylily – Rainbow Rhythm Primal Scream, a Proven Winners perennial plant 34″. Large, glowing tangerine orange blossoms with a twisted, narrow, ruffled petals. Rainbow Rhythm Primal Scream is a tall hemerocallis for the back of your garden flower bed.

Kinsey Family Farm Rainbow Rhythm Ruby Spice Daylily

Ruby Spice Rainbow Rhythm Daylily – A Proven Winners perennial plant. Ruby Spice has huge, ruby red flowers with a cheerful, golden yellow throat. This is a tall daylily which is best planted in the middle or back of a garden to create a big visual impact.

Rocket City Daylily – Orange with contrasting burnt-orange centers.

Rosy Returns Daylily – Dusty rose pink petals with a rose-purple band and yellow throat. Reblooming.

Kinsey Family Farm Ruby Spider Rainbow Rhythm Daylily

Ruby Spider Rainbow Rhythm Daylily – A Proven Winners perennial plant, 24″. Rainbow Rhythm Ruby Spider has ruby red gigantic blossoms which can grow up to 9” wide. The interior of the petals open to golden yellow throat for a showy display in your perennial garden.

Kinsey Family Farm Siloam David Kirchhoff Daylily

‘Siloam David Kirchhoff’ Daylily – Small flowered, diploid cultivar with orchid-lavender flowers, fine red eye zones and green throats.

Kinsey Family Farm South Seas Daylilies

South Seas Daylily – Hot, tropical colors of coral, tangerine, mango and scarlet. Flower has a red coral band above yellow green throat. Fragrant, blooms both spring and fall.

Kinsey Family Farm Spacecoast Early Bird Daylily

Spacecoast Early Bird Daylily – Early blooming variety with wide, peachy-pink petals edged in light golden yellow and orange centers.

Kinsey Family Farm Stella D'Oro Daylily

Stella D’Oro Daylily – Reblooming. clear lemon chiffon 3″ flowers, blooms early with a pleasing citrus fragrance. Stella D’Oro is a more open faced flowers with extended flowering for continued season color.

Kinsey Family Farm Strawberry Candy Daylily

Strawberry Candy Daylily – Large, showy coral pink flowers have an attractive strawberry red eye. A gardener’s favorite for the bold color. Repeat flowering hemerocallis.

Kinsey Family Farm Vanilla Fluff Daylilies

Vanilla Fluff Daylily – Fragrant. Double petal cream.

Kinsey Family Farm Violet Light Daylilies

Violet Light Daylily – Violet purple with a wide, toothy, ruffled edge in creamy golden white. Throat color is yellow-green. Old fashioned, lacy look for a cottage garden.

Kinsey Family Farm Wineberry Candy Daylily

Wineberry Candy Daylily – Orchid-pink flower with a wine-purple eyezone and a lime-green throat. The petals are lightly ruffled.

Perennial daylilies for sale in our plant nursery garden center are subject to change.