Cryptomeria – Trees, Dwarf

Cryptomeria Tree Varieties

Kinsey Family Farm Cryptomeria Black Dragon

Cryptomeria ‘Black Dragon’

Cryptomeria japonica Japanese Cedar ‘Black Dragon’ 6′ – 10′ Evergreen conifer. Deep green, pyramidal, narrow shape great for small space privacy hedge, screens or as a specimen plant. New spring growth is light green which matures to deep black green in summer. Forms a dense, irregular pyramid. The unusual shape of ‘Black Dragon’ cryptomeria is perfect for Asian and Zen gardens.

Kinsey Family Farm Globe Cryptomeria

Globe Cryptomeria

Cryptomeria japonica Japanese Cedar Globe Cryptomeria 3′ – 5′ Evergreen Conifer. One of the best of the mounding cryptomerias with dense green needles. Needles often turn bronze in winter. Drooping branch tips are dotted with globe shaped cones. Peeling bark on the Globe Cryptomeria is reddish brown.

Kinsey Family Farm Cryptomeria Radicans

Cryptomeria ‘Radicans’

Cryptomeria japonica Japanese Cedar ‘Radicans’ 30′ – 40′ Evergreen Conifer. This plant is very similar to ‘Yoshino’ with blue green foliage, but compared to ‘Yoshino’, ‘Radicans’ has a more columnar growth habit and and slightly denser form. With its graceful, pyramidal shape and tall form, ‘Radicans’ is a valuable tree for living privacy screens and hedges.

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