Butterfly Bushes

‘Black Knight’ Butterfly Bush

Buddleia davidii Butterfly Bush ‘Black Knight’ Deep Purple 6′ – 8′. Deciduous shrub with fragrant purple flowers and silvery foliage. Tolerates clay soil, rabbit resistant. ‘Black Knight’ butterfly bush displays valuable summer and early fall flowers when few other shrubs are in bloom. Best when grown in mass border plantings in borders, cottage gardens or butterfly gardens. ‘Black Knight’ is not often used as single specimen shrub. Highly attractive to butterflies, hummingbirds and pollinators.

‘Blue Chip’ Dwarf

Buddleia Butterfly Bush ‘Blue Chip’ Dwarf Blue Purple 2′ – 3′. A Proven Winners plant. A new introduction, finally a compact size butterfly bush for small space gardens. ‘Blue Chip’ will bloom continuously from mid summer to frost, providing a landscape with constant color. Flowers are a rich blue purple and ‘Blue Chip’ needs no deadheading. Simply trim in spring. This butterfly bush is a great size to use for container gardening and will attract hummingbirds, pollinators and butterflies to your yard. Lightly fragrant.

Buzz ‘Magenta Improved’ Dwarf

Buddleia Butterfly Bush Buzz ‘Magenta Improved’ 3′ -5′. Intense magenta to hot pink blossoms which will attract pollinators and butterflies to your garden. The compact nature of Buzz ‘Magenta Improved’ make is a best pick for small spaces, walkway edges and container gardening.

‘Lilac Chip’ Dwarf

Buddleia Butterfly Bush ‘Lilac Chip’. A Proven Winners shrub. Soft lavender pink blossoms have a light fragrance and will attract butterflies and hummingbirds to your yard. Reblooms all summer long until frost. Dwarf size at 2′ – 3′.

‘Miss Molly’ Dwarf

Buddleia Butterfly Bush ‘Miss Molly’. Dwarf Pink 4′ -5′. A Proven Winners plant. Fragrant flowers are a fuchsia pink to red and bloom constantly from mid summer until the first frost. ‘Miss Molly’ has a more compact size than butterfly bushes of the past, making it a best pick for along a walk or as an accent shrub in a perennial bed. ‘Miss Molly’ is self cleaning, no need to cut back spent flowers! Suitable for container gardening and to mix in short, informal hedges.

‘Pink Micro Chip’ Dwarf

Buddleia Butterfly Bush ‘Pink Micro Chip’. A Proven Winners shrub. Fragrant pink flowers repeat bloom during the summer and continue until frost. Small size at 2′, great for a border or front of the perennial bed planting.

Butterfly bush varieties for sale in our plant nursery garden center are subject to change.