Fall – Animal Feeding

Fall Family Activities: Animal Feeding

kid friendly activity Georgia Kinsey Family Farm

Kinsey Family Farmfall family activities include a petting barn where you can fence feed our farm animals. The animal feeding is part of our fall activities and pumpkin patch but there are always a few around for your children to visit all year long. In the fall we bring the cows from the pastures however the goats are permanent residents of our petting barn so stop by any time! Family and getting kids outside is what we are all about. Feeding is at the fences only and not inside pens or cages with the animals. Visitors are not allowed inside the fenced and pasture areas but there is plenty of space along the fences and the animals love to visit you there. This keeps everyone safe! There is no charge to visit however we do make crackers for hand feeding them available for sale in our barns. Just ask us! We do not allow you to bring food from home as we are careful what our animals are fed. Thank you for understanding. Picnic tables are available so bring a snack and enjoy a day outdoors with your kids and family! Picnic tables are on a first come, first serve basis. There is no charge for enjoying a beautiful day on our farm!

kid friendly family activities Kinsey Family Farm Georgia

Cows! – We are a farm and there are plenty of cows! Kids may feed the cows by hand and be able to pet them at the fences. Your lids will love meting these large, gentle creatures and be able to experience being up close to one in a safe environment. Be careful, they slobber a lot!

animal petting barn Kinsey Family Farm north Georgia
Kid and Animal Friendly – We keep our cows and other animals in an open pasture area so that they may wander to the fence to visit with people and be fed, yet they may also back off and go to the fields when they get full or tired. This way our animals don’t get cranky from visiting with to many people for too long. They get to take a break and come back when they are rested but others will replace them at the fence line. We do not keep them in small pens and feel this is humane for the animals and safe for your kids, it keeps every one in a good mood.

animal petting barn north Georgia Kinsey Family Farm

Goat Family – The goats live at the petting barn all year long and there are several of them in the herd. They love to eat and will always be happy to let you feed them!

Goat  Kinsey Family Farm north Georgia
More Goats! – Goats are eating machines and never seem to fill up. They know what it means when someone shows up at their barn and are always looking for a handout.

petting barn Georgia Kinsey Family Farm

Maude is our main mama goat and she thinks she owns the place. Maude has been with us a long time and knows the ropes. When the kids show up, she will run to the fence and hope they bright food! She’s sweet and friendly, she will let you pet her head and will gladly eat any crackers you want to hand feed her.

Llamas on  Kinsey Family Farm
Our New Friends the Llamas – The latest members of the Kinsey Family Farm animal feeding and petting barn area are a small group of llamas. They are gentle and sweet but new to this hand feeding thing. The llamas came to us via a llama rescue so they may be a bit shy at first but they are curious. For now they stand behind the other animals and watch but we are hoping they soon learn to take food from kid’s hands. They are beautiful creatures to watch and we are happy to add them to our farm family!

Ducks and Geese Kinsey Family Farm
Wandering Ducks and Geese – We have a variety of ducks and geese on the farm. They mostly stay down at our ponds where you can see them on the hayride and catfish feeding, but a few will be up in our fenced in feeding areas. They are loud, friendly and always willing to eat a cracker or three!

Scenic picnic area Kinsey Family Farm
Have a picnic – There is plenty of space and area for you and your family to stroll along the animal feeding areas. We also have picnic tables set up during our fall activities so feel free to bring a lunch and enjoy our scenic farm and a pretty fall day.

Cute baby goats Cute baby goats Kinsey Family Farm
Cows in our farm pasture Kinsey Family Farm Cows in our farm pasture
Kids feed cows Georgia Kinsey Family Farm petting barn Kinsey Family Farm

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