Fall – Nature on the Farm

beautiful swallowtail butterfly on joe pye weed Kinsey Family Farm Kinsey Family Farm A beautiful swallowtail butterfly on joe pye weed. If you would like to attract butterflies to your yard, see our Butterfly Garden page for plant suggestions.

Birds nests on the farmWe are forever fining new nests where the parent birds have hidden them. If you would like to create a wildlife habitat in your yard and attract songbirds, visit our Bird Gardens page.

red winged blackbird A red winged blackbird sings his heart out on a cypress tree.

ponds on the farm attract dragonflies Kinsey Family Farm Kinsey Family Farm We have three ponds on the farm which means we get our share of dragonflies. They are fascinating creatures!

bunny in our fields Kinsey Family Farm There are plenty of bunnies here too. You often see them scooting across the fields.

Songbirds in the trees Kinsey Family Farm Many different species of birds live on our tree farm. We love hearing them sing and call to each other all day.

duck during bird migration season Kinsey Family Farm Occasionally you see rarer birds fly in during migration season such as this duck.

Robin moth Kinsey Family Farm A robin moth we ran across. She’s a big girl!

snow goose Canadian geese Kinsey Family Farm During bird migration season we are always thrilled when a snow goose stops by. This one is traveling in a flock of Canadian geese.

Killdeer bird egg Kinsey Family Farm Killdeer bird eggs are common here! They build their nests on the ground and we keep having to avoid them but they are a pleasure to have around.

snapping turtle being moved Kinsey Family Farm Sometimes you’ve got to move the big guys out of the way so they don’t get hurt. This snapping turtle was not happy to see us.

Polyphemus Moth with false eyes Kinsey Family Farm A pretty Polyphemus Moth with false eyes on the backs of their wings. The false eyes help to confuse potential predators.

Butterfly in the plant nursery Kinsey Family Farm During the summer, butterflies are regular visitors to our plant nursery. Sometimes we think they believe we set it up just for them!

 Kinsey Family Farm Here we witnessed the story of the spider and the fly. We’re happy the spiders help us keep the fly population in check.

the spider and the fly Kinsey Family Farm When pruning trees in our fields we have to keep an eye out for critters such as this large spider. They help us keep other pests and bugs down!

water bird in our pond Kinsey Family Farm Water birds are also common visitors to our pond. You should be able to see them on our Fall Hayrides.

baby robin Kinsey Family Farm We love being greeted in the morning by baby robins. Who wouldn’t?

Mockingbird eggs nest Kinsey Family Farm Birds nests are common in our trees and a Mockingbird decided she had found the perfect spot to lay her eggs.

honeybee on a redbud tree flower Kinsey Family Farm Bees and pollinators are a welcome sight on any farm and we are happy they are here. A honeybee finds an early season food source from the flowers of a redbud tree. For plant recommendations on attracting bees and pollinators, see our Bees and Pollinators page.