Fall – Honey

North Georgia Local Honey

While local honey is part of our fall activities and pumpkin patch, Kinsey Family Farm has a selection of local honey for sale all year round. In the fall you may purchase honey in our main pumpkin patch barn. If you wish to buy honey during the summer months, please visit our nursery building. The honey is harvested from a local source in north Georgia.

local honey for sale Georgia Kinsey Family Farm

Our Local Honey Flavors

Blackberry – A mild honey with a light berry flavor. has a golden yellow color, delicate sweetness and mild aroma making it ideal to use in honey salad dressings or for a sauce.. Bees vigorously process nectar from blackberry plants to make blackberry honey.

Cotton – Akin to a watery molasses and very unique, cotton honey has an unusual flavor. It is strong and buttery with a slight tang. The color is a deep amber.

Clover – Clover honey has a mild, pleasing taste. Bees may collect nectar and pollen from an assortment of clover flowers to produce clover honey. It has a sweet, flowery flavor which is smoother and milder than other varieties and is ideal for baking, cooking or as an alternative sweetener to replace cane sugar.

Orange Blossom – Intensely sweet and delightful with a light golden color. Orange blossom honey is most often made from nectar which bees collect from a combination of citrus sources. It has a light citrus taste and fresh scent.

Sourwood – A honey which is extra light to light amber in color honey, sourwood honey is known to slowly crystallize. It has a distinctive flavor of spice and anise. Sourwood honey is an aromatic type with a sweet scent of anise. Sourwood honey carries a sweet and pleasantly astringent aftertaste.

Tupelo – delicious and sought after with a mild, delicate, cotton candy flavor. It does not granulate as quickly as some other varieties will due to the Because of its unusually high fructose content.

Wildflower – Wildflower honey has a strong, rich taste honey and dark amber color. Wildflower hone is bold and flavorful yet has a smooth, flowery taste. It is a best pick for using in baking and recipes or if you prefer a flavorful honey to sweeten your tea!

local honey with comb Georgia Kinsey Family Farm

Why Does Honey Crystallize?

If your honey hardens or crystallizes, it is still good! Crystallized honey is safe to eat, and may be easily returned back to a liquid state. The crystallization of honey is an attribute of pure and natural honey. Honey contains an overabundance of sugar, fructose and glucose, which causes the hardening. With the high sugar content it will be natural for your honey to crystallize.

How to Decrystallize Honey

It is simple to turn honey back into a liquid form. You may heat it up on a stove top in a pan of water. Warm the jar slowly and don’t let the water boil. If you have more time, another method is to place the jar in a sunny location and allow the jar to heat. We have placed jars of honey in the rear windows of our car when the cars were parked in the sun. This method of melting crystallized honey is quite effective!

jars of local honey Kinsey Family Farm