Fall – Apples

Fresh Picked Georgia Apples

Kinsey Family Farm has apples for sale in the barn harvest shop during our fall season activities and pumpkin patch.  Our apples are locally grown and fresh picked from a north Georgia orchard. Apples ripen in the fall but they do not ripen all at the same time, therefore all varieties are not available at once. Since our apples are freshly picked, we carry what has ripened and been picked that week. There are early, mid and late season apples. Varieties  for sale in our harvest shop will depend upon what is being picked at that time during the harvest season.

Fresh Picked Apples Georgia Kinsey Family Farm
Braeburn– A late season variety, Braeburn apples are available later in the fall. Braeburn is a bi-colored variety with thin yellow skin with overtones in red to orange which is highlighted with red stripes. The specific hue will be dependent upon the maturity of the apple and the season’s climate when it ripened. The light color in the skin and slightly tangy taste are thought to be from one of this apple’s supposed parents, the Granny Smith apple. The interior flesh is crisp, juicy and creamy yellow. Braeburn apples have a flavor which is a balance of sweetness and slightly tart. There is also a hint of spice and cinnamon in the background. They are good for baking pies, eating or cooking in applesauce blends.

Fresh Picked Fuji Apples Georgia Kinsey Family Farm
Fuji – A mid to late season variety, Fuji apples are a longstanding favorite and a cross between two classic American apple varieties: the Virginia Ralls Janet and Red Delicious. One of the reasons the Fuji is so popular is because of the crisp, sweet flavor. It is an attractive, large apple with golden red exterior with a juicy, dense,creamy white interior. Fuji flavor is aromatic with delicate hints of spice. They have high sugar levels, which makes them of the sweeter apple varieties and ideal for baking and cooking along with being a best pick for eating fresh. Fuji apples tend to keep well.

Golden Delicious – A mid to late season variety. A large apple variety with yellowish-green skin and very sweet taste. The skin can have a pink tone and is considered best once the color has turned from green to gold. The flesh inside is smooth and fine with white or cream color and a crisp texture. Golden Delicious is not related to the Red delicious apple but was introduced as a companion to its red cousin. Golden delicious apples have a smooth, honey sweet. mellow flavor which makes them good for eating, cutting up an adding to a salad or baking pies and desserts with.

Jonagold – A mid to late season variety. The parents of this apple type are tart Jonathan apples and mellow flavored Golden Delicious. The Jonagold inherits the best qualities of both. A Jonagold apple has a balanced blend of both parents’ flavors featuring the aromatic, honey scent of a Golden Delicious blended with the sweet-tart taste of the Jonathan. The skin color is greenish yellow to rosy orange depending on the strain and climate the apples are grown in. The skin can also have spots of red coloring or stripes across the surface. Jonagold is a large size fruit with a juicy, creamy yellow interior color and crisp texture. It is often used to make pressed cider.

Fresh Picked Mutsu Apples Georgia Kinsey Family Farm
Mutsu– A mid season green apple also known as Crispin, good for cooking or eating. This variety has a refreshing and pleasant taste and smooth green skin with occasional red shades. It is both sweet and sharp tasting at the same time and considered excellent for baking pies, applesauce blends or pressing for cider and juice. The crisp texture also makes it a good pick for eating fresh. The size ranges from medium to large and the bright green color is ideal for centerpieces on a holiday fall season dining table display or fruit gift basket where it will set off the colors of other fruits. The Mutsu apple is a cross between the Indo and Golden Delicious apple.

Pink Lady – A very late season variety. Pink Lady apples are not for sale until the end of the fall harvest season. Also known as Cripps Pink. Pink Lady apples are medium to large size fruits with an attractive reddish-pink blush on top of a light yellow background. The flesh is dense and firm with a white to cream color and a sweet flavor. They are considered one of the best eating apples for sale and great for cooking traditional fall food. The pink Lady apple is still under a trademark therefore any grown are required to meet quality standards. Those standards keep this type consistent in taste and texture. Use Pink Ladies for eating fresh, baking pies and tarts, in salads and cold food dishes or for delicious applesauce.

Red Delicious – The Red Delicious apple is variety which has been around for a long time. The familiar shape and rich red color have made it one of the best known apples in the United States. It was discovered by an Iowan farmer who found it as a chance seeing which was a hardy, cross-bred apple species which popped up in his orchard. The farmer attempted to cut the tree down three times before allowing it to grow and see what type of apple it would produce. Eventually the Red Delicious was taken to to the 1914 State Fair as the Hawkeye apple and later named Red Delicious.

Rome Beauty – An attractive dark red apple which can have yellow green areas on the skin and white to cream fruit inside. Rome Beauty is large sized and primarily an apple used in baking pies, tarts and desserts or other fruit dishes. The taste is clean but not too sweet, making this type a favorite of cooks. They are also excellent for drying. The fruit texture is crunchy, crisp and refreshing. Rome Beauty apples typically keep well when stored in a cool, dark pantry or cellar.

Apples Fresh Picked for Sale Georgia Kinsey Family Farm