Fall Activities & Pumpkin Patch

Kinsey Family Farm Fall Activities Pumpkin Patch

Fall Harvest, Hayrides & Pumpkin Patch

The Fall season at Kinsey Family Farm runs from Oct. 1 – Oct 31.



The arrival of fall brings some of the finest weather and one of the most fabulous seasons nature has to offer! The Canada geese return to us from their summer breeding grounds, the leaves begin dazzling us with their autumn colors, and quite honestly the atmosphere on the farm is outstanding!

Our farm is open to the public every day during October to come and enjoy the fall weather. You can come relax outside in the fresh air, take a scenic hayride around the farm, and bring a picnic lunch and relax at our picnic tables! In the barn you will likely find all of the seasonal crops you are looking for including thousands of pumpkins of all sizes, shapes, and colors. Please feel welcome to come out and participate in the fall festivities with us!.

There is no charge for admission and large groups, gardening clubs, church groups, or just big families are welcomed. You can be updated on our fall season activity schedule by joining our Facebook page at Kinsey Family Farm on Facebook.


Kinsey Family Farm Pumpkin patch Georgia

Kinsey Family Farm is the perfect place to find the best fall and Halloween pumpkins. In addition to your typical orange pumpkins we also provide decorative red, white, and even green (although some declare these to be more of a “brushed nickel”) pumpkins. We also carry pie pumpkins! The farm hosts pumpkins ranging in size from the one pound “Jack-Be-Little” to the one hundred pound “Prize Winner” and everything in between.

To see some of our pumpkin varieties visit Pumpkin Patch Types

Pie Pumpkins

Our store carries edible pumpkins perfect for making holiday pies! These include the traditional orange pie pumpkins as well as Jardale, which is a fun pumpkin that is blue green on the outside but orange in the center.


Along with a large selection of pumpkins the Kinsey Family Farm offers several varieties of decorative gourds. From the long snake gourds to the diminutive winged gourds to the apple shaped apple gourds there is some kind of crazy gourd for everyone! We’ve seen them used for bird houses, decorative centerpieces, and even as warty noses on large pumpkins! The colors and shapes are endless and so are the uses!

Fall Activities

As always groups are quite welcome. We offer a small concession stand for drinks and snacks (you shouldn’t miss out on the sliced caramel apples!), but please feel free to bring a picnic lunch and stay awhile. Kinsey Family Farm provides picnic tables for your family to enjoy. There is also a kids area with barn animals children can feed. We look forward to sharing the delightful fall weather with you!


Kinsey Family Farm Fall Hayrides Georgia The fall season is not complete without a country hayride! Come join us throughout the week and again on the weekends for a fun hayride around our scenic farm. $3 per person (2 and under is FREE!).

Mon-Fri – hayrides will occur roughly every half hour beginning at 9:00 AM. The last ride of the day through the week is at 4:00.

Sat-Sun – hayrides run nearly continuously all day. The last ride of the day on the weekend is at 5:00 sharp.

* Due to scheduled field trips during the morning hours (10-12 am) hayride departure times will revolve around group activities. There will be separate wagons for individuals not associated with the field trips . . . so no need to worry about having enough space.

Barn Animals & Fish Feeding

Barn Animals Fish Feeding children's activitiesThroughout the week bring the kids for a treat and feed the fish in our catfish pond! A cup of catfish food for each child is included with the hayride and the catfish LOVE to eat! Fish feeding is now only available Monday through Friday and not on the weekends as the fish fill up very quickly.

Also for the kids (even the “grown-up” ones) we have a newly renovated animal pavilion for feeding the more traditional farm animals! It’s an up close and personal time with many of our farm faves!!!

See more about our Barn Animals.

Picnic Area

Kinsey Family Farm Outdoor family picnic Kinsey Family FarmThe Kinsey Family Farm provides a picnic area overlooking a pond with plenty of tables for you to spend time with family and friends. Relax and enjoy the beauty of the tree farm located on rolling hills. We have a small concession area providing drinks and a few snacks, so be sure to pack a lunch! If you have children they may enjoy feeding our barn animals or taking a hayride . . . or certainly just rolling around in the grass! There is no charge for using the picnic area and it’s an inexpensive way to get outside and enjoy a beautiful fall day.


Fall Harvest Shop

Our fall harvest shop includes several varieties of fresh apples, apple cider, fresh honey, jams & jellies, bread, edible squash, baked goods and much more!!! Be warned . . . it’s hard to go away empty handed! Our stock changes constantly, but here is a sample of what we typically carry:


You can find a nice selection of fresh locally grown North Georgia apples in the shop too! As the fall season progresses the apple selections naturally change, but do commonly include Fuji, Red Delicious, Rome, Golden Delicious, Mutsu, Arkansas Black and even the rare and elusive Pink Lady . . . an absolutely DELICIOUS apple!!! These apples are perfect for eating immediately at the farm or taking home to make fresh apple pie . . . and when you add a little ice cream to it you’ve just about created the perfect dessert!

See more about our Apple Varieties.

Local Honey

Kinsey Family Farm has local honey for sale in our barn during the pumpkin patch fall activities and Christmas tree season but we also have it available the rest of the year. During the summer months you may find honey to buy in our plant nursery building. Just ask us!

Kinsey Family Farm local honey for sale north Georgia

SOURWOOD – stout honey with a strong aftertaste
BLACKBERRY – mild honey with a light berry flavor.
WILDFLOWER – strong rich tasting honey
COTTON – akin to a watery molasses, very unique
ORANGE BLOSSOM – intensely sweet and delightful.
TUPELO – delicious and sought after with a cotton candy flavor

See more about our Local Honey.


farm fresh salsa

BEAN Salsa

Jams & Preserves

Kinsey Family Farm Jams Jellies flavors for sale

Jams & Jellies

Blackberry Jam
Blueberry Jam
Frog Jam – Fig, raspberry, orange, ginger
Peach Jam
Red Raspberry Jam
Strawberry Jam
T.O.E. Jam – Tangerine, orange, elderberry
Red Plum Jelly
Georgia Moonshine Jelly

Jalapeno Pepper Jelly


Cinnamon Pecan


Kinsey Family Farm apple cider Kinsey Family Farm
Old fashioned apple, old fashioned apple spice, peach, muscadine.

Kinsey Family Farm Family actives pumpkin patch