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New Perennials:

Pink Muhly Grass 4'. A small ornamental native grass with glossy green foliage and airy pink red flowers late in the season. Pink Muhly Grass can be outstanding when planted in mass where flowers are backlit by the sun. It may also be grown in containers. Prefers regular watering but can be drought tolerant.To see other varieties of hosta we carry see our Ornamental Grasses page. Pink Muhly Grass
Liberty Hosta - 28" x 58" large. Thick green leaves with a wide yellow margin, Liberty is a lovely giant hosta that will brighten up a shade garden. Occasional light cream tones run through the textured leaves. Light sun tolerant. We also carry small and giant hostas! To see other varieties of hosta we carry see our Hosta page. Large Giant Liberty Hosta Plant
Mauna Loa Daylily - Large bright coppery-orange blooms have a thin ruffled edge. The green throat really sets off the lava like color. Sure to add 'pop' to a sunny perennial bed. For more information visit our  Perennial Daylily page. Mauna Loa Daylily
Bearded Iris Immortality - A unique, white re-blooming bearded iris. Immortality is pure white and the beards are accented in delicate, light yellow. Petals have lovely ruffles and the flower a sweet fragrance. Immortality blooms during spring and then again in fall. Flowers are large and the overall plant an easy to grow perennial. For other iris we stock, visit our Perennial Iris page. Immortality Bearded Iris



New Shrubs:

Encore Azaleas - Reblooming, evergreen azaleas for sun. We have in several new varieties including the rd 'Bonfire! For more azalea types we carry please see our Azalea Shrubs page. Proven Winners Lets Dance Diva Hydrangea
Juniper 'Gold Lace' 3' - 4'. Evergreen conifer, shrub. A stunning golden juniper considered to be the most golden of the junipers. 'Gold Lace' is a deep green with vibrant golden yellow new growth at the tips. The gold color can grow to the center of the plant, toning down the deeper green. 'Gold Lace' has a compact habit which forms layers. Use in a landscape as foundation planting or as accents in borders and in shrub beds. 'Gold Lace' is useful on steep banks and slopes. Gold Lace Juniper Shrub
Hydrangea 'Let's Dance Diva' A Proven Winners plant, part of the Let's Dance series. Blue to pink color depends upon soil pH. Re-blooming mophead variety. An alkaline soil will turn the petals a mid to deep pink while acidic soil will change them to a purple blue. 'Let's Dance Diva' has attractive, glossy foliage with a deep green color. 'Let's Dance Diva' blooms on both new and old wood. Proven Winners Lets Dance Diva Hydrangea
Meyer lemon - A citrus is thought to be a cross between a regular lemon and a mandarin orange. Meyer lemon is a favorite of cooks due to the sweet taste and thin skin. Meyer lemon



New Ornamental Trees:

Chaste Tree 'Shoal Creek' , summer lilac tree. Vitex Chaste tree is an attractive small tree which blooms in dense clusters of fragrant violet flowers. Flowering appears over an extended season during the summer months. Vitex chaste tree 'Shoal Creek' develops a wide open canopy as it matures and has and aromatic gray green foliage. This plant thrives in our Georgia heat and the flowers attract butterflies. Chaste Tree
River Birch 'City Slicker'. Beautiful. creamy white bark makes 'City Slicker' stand out in a landscape design. The white, peeling bark is whiter than other river birch trees. Drought tolerant and vigorous, 'City Slicker' has golden yellow foliage in the fall. Betula nigra River Birch City Slicker
Mountain Gordlinia 'Sweet Tea' 30'. A hybrid which combines the best traits of Franklinia alatamaha with those of Gordonia lasianthus, Loblolly Bay. Large, slightly cupped, white flowers have a bright yellow center. Leaves are rich orange red during fall. Blooms over a long period inlate summer when little else is in flower. If you have ever wanted to grow a Franklin tree but have not because they are difficult, Mountain Gordlinia is an ideal alternative. Mountain Gordlinia Sweet Tea
American Beech 80' - 100'. has an elegant form with a stout, steel grey trunk and sweeping branches. Its pyramid shape has a spreading crown while the leaves feature distinctive sawtooth margins. Bright green of the foliage makes a striking contrast against the slate gray bark. During the autumn season American Beech will be covered in coppery gold leaves, a stand out in any fall landscape display. American Beech is very shade tolerant but achieves its best growth in partial sun to full sun light. Fagus grandifolia American Beech
'Trompenburg' Japanese Maple. Upright tree 15'. Deep purple foliage in summer turns scarlet red during the fall. Leaves are deeply serrated and not as prone to sun burn as other cultivars. A fast growing Japanese maple, 'Trompenburg' performs as well when it comes to heat tolerance. Leafstalks are purple red and the gorgeous color lasts well into late summer. 'Trompenburg' fall color is scarlet to crimson. To see a variety of Japanese Maple we carry see our Japanese Maple page. Trompenburg Japanese Maple




Plants On Sale!


Camillas Blush Native Azalea

'Camilla's Blush' Native Azalea - B&B 50% Off

'Camilla's Blush' native azalea, gorgeous B&B specimens! Originally $175 but now 50% off!!! Soft pink 6' - 8'. This deciduous native is frequently seen as a selection of Piedmont azaleas. 'Camilla's Blush' has highly fragrant, showy, pale pink flowers in spring.


Midnight Magic Crape Myrtle

Crape Myrtle 'Midnight Magic' - 3 gallon $5.00

Pink with purple foliage. 'Midnight Magic' 4' - 6' semi dwarf First Editions Series. Dark purple maroon foliage all season with abundant deep pink flowers, 'Midnight Magic' has a rounded compact habit. Flowering starts in mid summer and remains colorful in September.


Moonlight Magic Crape Myrtle

Crape Myrtle 'Moonlight Magic' - 3 gallon $5.00

White with purple foliage. 'Moonlight Magic' 8' - 12' First Editions Series semi dwarf crape myrtle. Dark maroon purple leaves. 'Moonlight Magic' is truly a breeding breakthrough in crape myrtle trees. Foliage is a show stopping deep maroon while flowers are snowy white. The contrast on 'Moonlight Magic' is stunning. 'Moonlight Magic' is a unique plant for your home landscape and semi dwarf, so subtitle for small gardens.


Fire Light Hydrangea

Hydrangea 'Fire Light' - Buy One, Get One!

Hydrangea paniculata Proven Winners Panicle Hydrangea 'Fire Light' 5' Sun tolerant. A Proven Winners plant. 'Fire Light' is a new panicle hydrangea that produces large flower heads in midsummer. It features a unique white to red color; the blooms open to a lovely snow white, then mature to a beautiful deep red as summer progresses.


Dwarf Ninebark Tiny Wine

Ninebark Dwarf 'Tiny Wine' - 1 Gallon $6

Ninebark 'Tiny Wine' Proven Winners plants. 3-4' tall deciduous shrub, purple leaf. Dwarf ninebark has deep burgundy leaves. 'Tiny Wine' will form a dense, rounded shape and is the perfect native plant for a small space garden.


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