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New Perennials:



Sedge Everest Evercolor 12" - 15". Variegated white and green stripe. Forms a tidy mound of foliage which arches up from the center crown and weeps to the sides gracefully.

We also stock large and small size ornamental grasses in several colors. To see other varieties of ornamental grasses we carry see Grasses.






Ben Vernooy Hosta - 16" x 28" Ben Vernooij medium mid size. This tetraploid sport of First Frost has resulted in thick, blue green leaves with wide creamy yellow edges.

We also carry small and giant hostas! To see other varieties of hosta we carry see our Hosta page.






Daylilies - The daylilies are blooming in our nursery! Come see the many colors we carry.

Always Afternoon Daylily - Award Winner with early, large rosy-purple flowers that have a green throat and dark plum purple eye.

South Seas Daylily - Hot, tropical colors of coral, tangerine, mango and scarlet. Flower has a red coral band above yellow green throat.

For more information visit our Daylily page.



Autumn Fern

Ferns - Got shade? We got ferns! It's the time of year when ferns are busting out and looking amazing. There is something special about a shady area which has been mass planted with ferns. They come in different colors including greens, chartreuse, purple and coppery bronze. Some are evergreen, too! Don't think that all ferns need a lot of water, some are more tolerant of dry areas.

To see a variety of ferns we carry see our Ferns page.





Perennials for Butterflies and Pollinators! - For those who wish to attract butterflies and pollinators to your garden, now is the time! We have several different easy to grow perennials in bloom for them. This includes catmint, beardtongue, butterfly weed, bee balm, asters, blanket flower, daises, coneflower and more.

For ideas on attracting pollinators to your garden visit our Butterfly and Pollinator Gardens page.



Lonicera sempervirens Honeysuckle Major Wheeler

Honeysuckle 'Major Wheeler'. A landscape friendly native honeysuckle that won't take over your yard! A beautiful red honeysuckle. In late spring, the vines will be covered in red trumpet flowers and keeps putting them out all summer. Attracts hummingbirds!

Kinsey Family Farm carries a variety of flowering vines. For more visit Flowering Vines





New Shrubs:


Ilex x Robin Holly

Holly 'Robin' evergreen shrub 14'. A tree form cultivar with lovely, dark green leaves and red berries. The most striking feature of 'Robin' holly is its maroon colored new growth. Flowers in spring, and in fall produces clusters of bright red berries. Effective in a landscape as a specimen tree or planted as a privacy screen hedge.






Dwarf Oakleaf Hydrangea Munchkin

Oakleaf Hydrangea 'Munchkin' 3'. 'Munchkin' is a compact oakleaf for the small space landscape. It blooms in a profusion of large flower clusters which contrast beautifully against dark green, deeply lobed leaves. Flowers open white and will age to a gentle pink color, remaining reliably upright. The fall foliage on 'Munchkin' is brilliant mahogany for multi season interest.






Sunshine Ligustrum

Ligustrum 'Sunshine' 3-6'.  Golden yellow foliage year round, making it ideal as a short hedge in the landscape. Drought tolerant. 'Sunshine' retains its color best in full sun. This is a sterile, non invasive ligustrum cultivar which does not bloom or re-seed in a landscape.







Loropetalum Jazz Hands Variegated

Loropetalum Jazz Hands Variegated 4' -6. A Proven Winners plant with powerful color. New growth is speckled with white and pink variegation and foliage will mature to rich purple. A distinctive plant which will make a beautiful specimen or bold statement when planted a mid size hedge.









Lindera benzoin Spicebush

Spicebush A dioecious shrub with male and female flowers on separate plants. Female plants produce a bright red berry which is a healthy choice for bird gardens! Good fall color in yellow-orange. The foliage on spicebush is aromatic. It is the host plant for the spicebush swallowtail butterfly, making this shrub a must have for a habitat garden.


For ideas on attracting birds to your garden visit our Bird Gardens page.







New Ornamental Trees:


Chaste Tree Shoal Creek

Chaste Tree 'Shoal Creek' 12' - 15', summer lilac tree, lilac chaste tree, fast growing. Vitex Chaste tree is an attractive small tree which blooms in dense clusters of fragrant violet flowers. Flowering appears over an extended season during the summer months. Chaste tree is an alternative to crape myrtle.







Contorted Filbert Red Dragon

Contorted Filbert 'Red Dragon'. Red leaved contorted hazelnut. 'Red Dragon' contorted filbert has red-purple leaves and resists filbert blight. 'Red Dragon' is dwarf contorted hazelnut with attractive zig zag branching and compact habit. Red new growth lasts into the summer season but eventually fades to green. Fall color is yellow gold and the hazelnut catkins are a lovely burgundy during the winter months.






Ulmus americana American Elm Princeton

American Elm 'Princeton' Deciduous shade tree 80' - 100'. A disease resistant elm cultivar. A large canopy or shade tree, perfect for areas where you want to provide relief from our Georgia sun. American Elm 'Princeton' features the classic vase shape canopy of other elms, and large, glossy green foliage that turns a bright yellow in autumn.







False Cypress Filicoides

Hinoki Cypress 'Filicoides' Fernspray 8' - 10' evergreen. A small tree with a pyramidal shape and graceful, curved branching. Foliage is a deep green which develops attractive bronze tips in winter. Does well as a container plant, at a front door, steps, or in a deck planter. Well suited for Asian themed or oriental gardens.







False Cypress Filicoides

Magnolia 'Little Gem' Dwarf southern magnolia. Evergreen tree with pyramidal shape and smaller, dark green foliage with a rusty brown underside. It blooms at a very young age with primary bloom is in late spring then sporadic blooming throughout the summer. Large white flowers are fragrant and showy. .











Plants On Sale!


Camillas Blush Native Azalea

'Camilla's Blush' Native Azalea - B&B 50% Off

'Camilla's Blush' native azalea, gorgeous B&B specimens! Originally $175 but now 50% off!!! Soft pink 6' - 8'. This deciduous native is frequently seen as a selection of Piedmont azaleas. 'Camilla's Blush' has highly fragrant, showy, pale pink flowers in spring.


Midnight Magic Crape Myrtle

Crape Myrtle 'Midnight Magic' - 3 gallon $5.00

Pink with purple foliage. 'Midnight Magic' 4' - 6' semi dwarf First Editions Series. Dark purple maroon foliage all season with abundant deep pink flowers, 'Midnight Magic' has a rounded compact habit. Flowering starts in mid summer and remains colorful in September.


Moonlight Magic Crape Myrtle

Crape Myrtle 'Moonlight Magic' - 3 gallon $5.00

White with purple foliage. 'Moonlight Magic' 8' - 12' First Editions Series semi dwarf crape myrtle. Dark maroon purple leaves. 'Moonlight Magic' is truly a breeding breakthrough in crape myrtle trees. Foliage is a show stopping deep maroon while flowers are snowy white. The contrast on 'Moonlight Magic'is stunning. 'Moonlight Magic' is a unique plant for your home landscape and semi dwarf, so subtitle for small gardens.


Fire Light Hydrangea

Hydrangea 'Fire Light' - Buy One, Get One!

Hydrangea paniculata Proven Winners Panicle Hydrangea 'Fire Light' 5' Sun tolerant. A Proven Winners plant. 'Fire Light' is a new panicle hydrangea that produces large flower heads in midsummer. It features a unique white to red color; the blooms open to a lovely snow white, then mature to a beautiful deep red as summer progresses.


Dwarf Ninebark Tiny Wine

Ninebark Dwarf 'Tiny Wine' - 1 Gallon $6

Ninebark 'Tiny Wine' Proven Winners plants. 3-4' tall deciduous shrub, purple leaf. Dwarf ninebark has deep burgundy leaves. 'Tiny Wine' will form a dense, rounded shape and is the perfect native plant for a small space garden.


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