Ornamental Grass Plant Varieties

Dwarf Fountain Grass ‘Hameln’

Pennisetum alopecuroides Fountain Grass ‘Hameln’ 2′ – 3′. A dwarf ornamental grass, ‘Hameln’ fountain grass is a good choice for small space gardening or as an accent in a perennial border. Provides landscaping with a decorative look, ‘Hameln’ has fluffy, wheat colored plumes rising above foliage. Foliage turns golden russet in autumn. Graceful fountain like plumes change from buff to attractive light pink and maroon later in the season.

Purple Fountain Grass

Pennisetum setaceum ‘Rubrum’ Purple Fountain Grass. 2′ – 4′. A tried and true gardener’s favorite, Purple Fountain Grass forms tidy clumps of purple maroon blades and is drought tolerant. Late in the season Purple Fountain Grass has rose red flower spikes above the blades. Beautiful as single landscape accent or when planted in large groups. A best choice for dry banks and erosion control. This cultivar does not reseed.

Golden Japanese Forest Grass Aureola

Japanese Forest Grass

Golden Japanese Forest Grass ‘Aureola’. 18″. 2009 Perennial Plant of the Year. A groundcover ornamental grass with a graceful, colorful appearance. Use in shade or containers. Foliage is a bright yellow with thin green stripes. Later the blades will turn pink-tinged in cooler autumn temperatures. Naturalizes well in shady areas by forming spreading clumps.

Miscanthus Grass Adagio

Miscanthus Grass ‘Adagio’

Miscanthus sinensis Miscanthus Grass ‘Adagio’ 3′ -4′. A mid to dwarf size variety. Miscanthus Grass ‘Adagio’ has an upright form and is a clump forming, warm season ornamental grass. Blades are narrow and silver gray, changing to yellow in fall. Small pink tone plumes appear above the foliage in late summer. These flowers will eventually turn into creamy white plumes as the seeds mature. Foliage and flower plumes persist into winter offering your yard good winter interest. Drought tolerant and adaptable to dry areas.

Miscanthus Grass Little Miss

Miscanthus Grass ‘Little Miss’

Miscanthus sinensis Miscanthus Grass ‘Little Miss’ . Maiden Grass. Emerges green in spring developing carmine and purple tones from early May with strongest color in fall months. Narrow arching foliage and a tidy, clumping shape with reddish flower heads. Drought tolerant once established.

Miscanthus Grass Little Zebra

Miscanthus Grass ‘Little Zebra’

Miscanthus sinensis Miscanthus Grass ‘Little Zebra’ 3′ – 4′. A low growing ornamental grass with distinctive gold banding, this variety retains its color well throughout the summer. ‘Little Zebra’ grows low and upright and has reliable blooms later in the season.

Miscanthus Grass ‘Morning Light’

Miscanthus sinensis Miscanthus Grass ‘Morning Light’. 4′ – 5′. A mid to dwarf size variety. Green blades have highlights of creamy white margins which offers a silver, shimmering appearance. Small copper red flowers appear in long tassel like plumes over foliage in late summer, gradually turning into pale, silvery white plumes as seeds mature. A handy, decorative landscaping plant which can be drought tolerant and adaptable to dry spots. Typically forms an upright, rounded clump.

Pink Muhly Grass

Pink Muhly Grass

Native. Muhlenbergia capillaris Pink Muhly Grass 4′. A small size ornamental grass with glossy green foliage and airy pink red flowers late in the season. Pink Muhly Grass can be outstanding when planted in mass where flowers are backlit by the sun. It may also be grown in containers. Prefers regular watering but can be drought tolerant.

Dwarf Pampas Grass

Dwarf Pampas Grass

Cortaderia selloana ‘Pumila’ Dwarf Pampas Grass’. 4′ – 5′. If you like the look of pampas grass but not the large size, ornamental Dwarf Pampas Grass is well suited for smaller spaces. It has the same dramatic, feathery plums and handsome fall flowers. Long stalks of white plumes rise above the foliage which add texture and movement to a landscape design. Drought tolerant, clumping perennial. Herbaceous perennial.

Switchgrass Dallas Blues

Switchgrass ‘Dallas Blues’

Native. Panicum virgatum Switch Grass ‘Dallas Blues’ 4′ – 6′. Tall ‘Dallas Blues’ switch grass is one of our finest native ornamental grasses and one of the tallest. It is a robust grower with broad blades of blue green and tall flower spikes in late summer early fall. Plumes are tan aging to a pale pink. Drought resistant drought tolerant xeriscaping plant, a best pick for sunny bank erosion control, large rock gardens or as an ornamental accent.

Blue Switchgrass Heavy Metal

Switchgrass ‘Heavy Metal’


Panicum virgatum Blue Switch Grass ‘Heavy Metal’. 3′. A carefree, low maintenance native grass with gorgeous stiff, metallic blue blades for a handsome display in a sunny border or erosion control areas. Keeps a vertical form without flopping. In summer airy pink tinged panicles rise above the blades. Brilliant fall foliage. Attractive seed heads will attract birds to your yard and provide winter food. Handy for trouble spots, ‘Heavy Metal’ Switchgrass is drought tolerant when established but withstands seasonal flooding. Herbaceous perennial.

Switchgrass Hot Rod

Switchgrass ‘Hot Rod’

Native. Panicum virgatum Switch Grass ‘Hot Rod’ 3′ – 4. A shorter switch grass than ‘Dallas Blues’, ‘Hot Rod’ has a similar clumping form with upright, vertical blades. The blue green foliage changes to a unique red then a deeper maroon by fall. Red seed heads brighten the autumn landscape and add to the colorful appearance to this grass. Great foliage color and texture in the landscape. A colorful switch grass variety, ‘Hot Rod’ is spectacular when planted in large groups or in a sun area where plumes are highlighted. Light, airy seed heads work well for cutting. Drought tolerant drought resistant, xeriscaping plant, a best pick for sunny bank erosion control, large rock gardens or as an ornamental accent.

Sedge Carex

Sedge Carex Blue Zinger

Sedge Carex Blue Zinger

Carex flacca ‘Blue Zinger’ Versatile, small ornamental grass. May be used as a groundcover for shade with an attractive steel blue color. A cool season grass, ‘Blue Zinger’ can be evergreen during warm winters. Clump forming, plant with hosta or shade loving shrubs.

Sedge Carex Everest

Sedge Carex Evercolor Everest

Carex oshimensis Sedge Everest Evercolor 12″ – 15″. Variegated white and green stripe. Forms a tidy mound of foliage which arches up from the center crown and weeps to the sides gracefully. A mounding fountain of arching, ribbon like white striped green foliage will add light and texture to a dappled sun or shade garden. Excellent container plant or when planted in flower beds and borders. Plant in mass for stunning effect. Semi evergreen.

Sedge Carex Everillo

Sedge Carex Everillo

Carex oshimensis ‘Everillo’ 12-18″ evergreen, a Southern Living Collection choice. ‘Everillo’ adds a bright spot to a perennial bed, shade garden or patio container. This ornamental sedge has a golden chartreuse color. A shade loving plant for part shade. Looks ideal when planted with purple, red or orange heuchera or dark leaf hostas in a shade border.

Sedge Carex Eversheen

Sedge Carex Evercolor Eversheen

Carex oshimensis Sedge Eversheen Evercolor 12″ – 18″. Small, mound forming ornamental grass. Stays in a tidy clump and is evergreen. A handsome lime yellow striped runs down the center of the foliage while the edges are deep green for contrast. A wonderful little plant for a container garden, path or walkway border or a perennial bed.

Sedge Carex oshs

Sedge Carex Evercolor Osh

Sedge Carex osh Evercolor. 12″ – 18″. A small, colorful grass in yellow gold for part shade. Well behaved, neat mounding habit with unusual lime green foliage. As this Evercolor perennial ornamental grass matures it will form solid gold mounds with gracefully arching blades. Beautiful when paired with dark leaf heuchera. Prefers moist soil and will tolerate shade. Excellent container plant.

Black Mondo Grass

Black Mondo Grass

Black Mondo Grass. Purplish black, grass like foliage is evergreen for year round interest in a garden. Shade tolerant, grows in dense clumps. Dark lavender pink flowers produce purple berries in fall. Drought tolerant once established.

Ornamental grass varieties for sale in our plant nursery are subject to change.