Flowing Ornamental Cherry Trees

Bell Flowered Okame Cherry Tree

Okame Cherry Tree

Prunus campanulata Bell Flowered Cherry 20′ – 25′. One of the first cherries to bloom in spring, produces reddish pink bell shaped flowers before leaves emerge. Young foliage is a light green which will turn to a deeper shade as summer progresses. Features a graceful, spreading habit and dense branching. Bell Flowered Cherry is a popular flowering cherry for front yards and lawns or as a smaller ornamental tree.

Hiromi Dwarf Weeping Cherry

‘Hiromi’ Dwarf Cherry Tree

Prunus jaquemontii ‘Hiromi’ 6′ – 7′ dwarf cherry. A small weeping form which may be grown as a tree or open shrub. So not underestimate the value of this plant if grown a shrub, it would make a unique planting in any landscape and is a great way to grow a dwarf cherry in small spaces. It is also easily formed into a small weeping specimen. ‘Hiromi’ has beautiful light pink flowers in early spring are amount the first blooms to emerge. Flowering occurs before the foliage. The fruit ‘Hiromi’ produces is small and not something you would want to eat, but will attract birds and wildlife to your yard. The birds will thank you for the fruit!

Flowering Ornamental Kwanzan Cherry Tree

Kwanzan Cherry Tree

Prunus Semrlata Kwanzan Cherry 30′ – 40′ Japanese flowering cherry. A very showy, ornamental flowering cherry tree with large, fully double pink blooms. The beautiful flowers appear on Kwanzan before leave emerge in spring. One of the upright types, foliage is a medium green color. Bark is a glossy gray brown. Kwanzan is a larger, upright ornamental tree for use as a landscape specimen or planted in rows along a property edge.

snow fountain dwarf weeping cherry

‘Snow Fountain’ Dwarf Weeping Cherry Tree

Prunus x Snofozam Dwarf Weeping Cherry ‘Snow Fountain’ 8′ -15′. A beautiful dwarf type of cherry for the small garden or as an accent plant. ‘Snow Fountain’ dwarf cherry has the classic graceful, cascading branches of other weeping trees but in a compact size. ‘Snow Fountain’ provides striking white blooms in spring before leaves emerge and later in the season it produces tiny, sour fruits. The fruit is not considered suitable for humans but can attract songbirds to a garden. A dwarf variety which may be used as a topiary or bonsai tree.

Yoshino Cherry Tree

Yoshino Cherry Tree

Prunus x yedoensis Yoshino Cherry 20′ – 30′ Japanese ornamental cherry. Flowers in spring with delicate pink white blossoms, Yoshino is the classic flowering cherry. Glossy bark and dark green leaves in summer. A larger ornamental flowering cherry for southern landscapes. Yoshino is a mid sized tree which works well in a front yard or as a row.

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