Pumpkin Types in our Fall Pumpkin Patch

 Georgia Fall Pumkin Patch


Georgia Fall Pumpkin Patch - During our fall season the Kinsey Family Farm pumpkin patch offers a variety of different pumpkin types. Some are for decorations while others are great for cooking! The selection changes often.


buckskin pumpkin

Buckskin - A heavy and compact pumpkin with buff colored skin. The texture is fine and flesh a deep golden orange. Buckskin has a unique light color which may be used as decorations and the meat is suitable for pumpkin pies or baking.


Cinderella pumpkin

Cinderella - French heirloom pumpkin originally known as 'Rouge vif D'Etampes'. The nickname Cinderella was given to this variety because it resembles the fairy tale pumpkin which the fairy godmother changed into a carriage. Cinderella may be used as an attractive decorative accent in fall display and the flavor is good for a pie or winter squash recipe.


fairly tale pumpkin

Fairly Tale - An attractive pumpkin with a deeply ribbed exterior and smooth, hard surface. When young this variety is dark green howerver as it cures it turns a pretty deep burgundy. The color is ideal for your Halloween or fall decorations. Fairly Tale is fine grained works well for baking pies. A French heirloom pumpkin.


flatso pumpkin

Flatso - A unique flat, oval shape which resembles an orange version of the Long Island Cheese pumpkin. Flatso is mid size and the shape makes it convenient for stacking in autumn decorative displays. The shorter height of Flatso works well when set on steps or stairs at a front door or inside the home.


flat white boer pumpkin

Flat White Boer - Attractive, pure white pumpkins which are uniquely shaped as well as tasty. Since it is very flat, Flat White Boer is ideal for building your pumpkin men decorations with. The orange flesh is sweet and firm making them perfect for pie recipes or baking. An heirloom variety which was was named for the Dutch Boers of colonial South Africa where it was popular for cooking.


jack o lanterns pumpkin

Jack o Lantern - The classic variety when you think of carving Jack o Lanterns for Halloween. This type has a medium ridge texture and smooth skin. They can be mid  to large size and used for cooking. If you use them to carve, keep the seeds and bake them! Roasting pumpkin seeds is a fun project to do with kids.


Jarrahdale pumpkin

Jarrahdale - A very pretty slate to blue-grey pumpkin. Jarrahdale has a flat, deeply ribbed, drum shape with decorative appeal but it is also a suburb cooking pumpkin. It is native to Australia and the strain was preserved by amateur seed savers. The flesh is string-less and golden yellow with a medium sweet taste. Jarrahdale is desirable for fall decorating due to it's unusual slate green color but be aware that the skin is quite hard, use caution when cutting into one.


moonscape pumpkin

Moonscape - A fun, multi colored novelty pumpkin for your autumn decorations. Moonscape has a tough outer shell with orange and blue green colors. It is mid sized and would look wonderful by the front door or on a front porch.


long island cheese pumpkin

Long Island Cheese - A buff colored pumpkin with a flat, lightly ribbed shape that has the appearance of a wheel of cheese. A longtime favorite on Long Island which was popular for baking pies. Widely used in the 1800s, this heirloom was known for being a great cooking squash by people in New York and New Jersey, hence the name Long Island Cheese.


one too many pumpkin

One Too Many - The unusual color earned One Too Many the nickname Bloodshot Eyeball. An attractive pumpkin which is moderately sized and comes in many shapes. Some will be round while others more oblong. It is beautiful in fall decorations and has soft cream colored skin with orange speckles and stripes.


peanut pumpkin

Peanut - An heirloom pumpkin known as Galeux d'Eysine. This type is noted for the distinctive peanut like growths on top of the skin. The raised texture is actually an excess sugar build up on the outer flesh. The rind color has a lovely pink hue. Galeux d'Eysine peanut pumpkins are an unusual addition to autumn decorations and can brighten up an outdoor display.


sugar pie pumpkin

Sugar Pie - The traditional, bright orange pumpkin used in the United States for cooking and baking. Sugar pumpkins tend to be less stringy than others and have a sweet flavor. The seeds are good for roasting.


pok-e-mon pumpkin

Pok-e-mon - A small novelty type with a hard white shell and bright orange stripes down the ridges. Pok-e-mon is cute and fun, a best idea for table decorations due to the small size. Also good for ornamental dried floral style arrangements.


polar bear pumpkin

Polar Bear - A large white pumpkin and best idea for a spooky Halloween display! The outer shell is pure white and the inner flesh bright orange. If you carve this pumpkin and use a candle or light inside, sometimes the light will penetrated the white skin for a spooky effect.


porcelain doll pumpkin

Porcelain Doll - A fun, eye catching variety with a deeply ribbed shell and striking pink color. Porcelain Doll is large and block like which gives it an interesting shape. A flavorful pumpkin Deep-orange flesh with sweet flavor can be used for pies, soups and other recipes.


rascal pmr pumpkin

Rascal pmr - A pretty pumpkin Ruth an interesting history. Rascal pumpkin was bred by the Outstanding Seed Company to raise funds for cancer research. The company is run by Hoffman family, which runs the company and a portion of seed sales in donated annually to cancer research. Rascal is fun to decorate with and has a multi colored green and orange splotched outside.


speckled hound pumpkin

Speckled Hound - A thick skinned, peachy orange pumpkin that looks like green plaint was poured over the top and ran down the sides. If you are looking for something unique for fall decorations, try Speckled Hound. It has an unusual shape and is a kid's favorite.


Ugly Mugly pumpkin

Ugly Mugly - Good carving pumpkin with light orange shell that is flecked with pale splotches. The round shape makes it ideal for carving shapes and designs in and will add something different to your front porch decor.


warty goblin pumpkin

Warty Goblin -A bright orange ornamental pumpkin wit large green to white warts on the outside. Cute and fun, Warty Goblin is perfect for letting kids design their own holiday decorations. Children love the large, raised lumps or warts!



Pumpkin varieties are only available during our fall season and subject to change.

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