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Beginning the weekend before Thanksgiving the Kinsey Family Farm opens the gates for what we feel is one of the finest times of the year! The winter season, and the holiday traditions and joy that accompany it, were the driving force behind the redevelopment of the farm.

We invite you to come roast marshmallows, drink hot chocolate, and listen to holiday music with us at the barn. Once you have warmed your insides sufficiently you can take a wagon ride out to the fields to begin your quest for the perfect Christmas tree.


Christmas Trees

During the 2014 season we will have over 3,000 Christmas trees available throughout the farm for families to choose from!  We offer a multitude of ways to harvest a Christmas tree including choose and cut  your own, pre-cut, and living trees in burlap.  It will quite likely require some firm family decision making to find the right tree! Some of our tree varieties are featured in our Christmas gallery and you can read our article on Christmas Tree Care. The 2014 season will include all of the following varieties:


North Carolina Fraser Fir

  • North Carolina Fraser Fir
  • Leyland Cypress
  • Carolina Sapphire Cypress
  • Blue Ice Cypress
  • Norway Spruce





Choose & Cut Your Own

Christmas tree is a beautiful family tradition. We generally grow around 800-1000 trees out in the field for our families to wander through and cut down! All of the trees are tagged in early November to indicate their height and price so you will know exactly what you are getting yourselves into . . . but be warned . . . trees out in the open sky LOOK smaller than they actually will when you bring them inside your homes! It is deceiving . . . believe the heights listed on the tags! This years varieties of choose and cut include Leyland Cypress, Carolina Sapphire Cypress, and Blue Ice Cypress.

Please note that we CANNOT take you into the fields to cut trees after dark . . . please plan on arriving at the farm with ample daylight remaining if you intend to cut a tree from one of our fields. Currently our last tractor run is 5:30.


Fresh Pre-Cut Christmas Trees

Fraser Fir - We typically have three varieties of fresh pre-cut Christmas trees in our covered barns (which means you can pick out your tree in comfort even during inclement weather) however this year we will be limited to the most popular Christmas tree nationwide . . . the Fraser Fir.  As is our tradition our fresh cut North Carolina grown Fraser Fir will be available and ON DISPLAY IN WATER at the barn. Our largest selection of these varieties range in size from 5 to 11 feet . . . although we do have small numbers of larger and smaller trees. Because we strive to provide only the highest quality Christmas trees all of our Fraser Firs are graded as "Top Quality" (the finest trees as graded by the USDA) and are stored in the shade, out of the wind, and in water!


Fresh In Water

The Swamp - it is a well known fact that the freshest trees are those that are well hydrated . . . and we have designed our barns to provide for exactly that! With the addition of "The Swamp" in 2008 we now have the ability to store up to 1,000 pre-cut trees in the shade, out of the wind, and most importantly IN WATER! In addition to the swamp we also display over 140 trees in water under the shelter of the barns which gives the trees a chance to open up and show off their most bountiful boughs . . . and also provides for some great photo opps and smells delicious too!!!


Live / Living B&B Christmas Trees

The "living" Christmas tree is our third option for selection. These trees are commonly available in the size ranges of 5 to 7 feet plus the additional height of the rootball below the actual tree.  A typical rootball increases the overall height by 18 to 24 inches.  The main variety of living Christmas trees that we will offer this year, and by far the most popular, is the Norway Spruce (the ONLY spruce we recommend growing in our zone).


Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

And our Christmas tree farm just wouldn't feel complete without the classic Charlie Brown Christmas Tree . . . which we have plenty of in our barns! These "table toppers" are perfect for older couples that don't desire a large tree anymore and are also fun for children to have in their rooms! Just don't let those rascally Christmas "Elf on the Shelf" Elves get into them . . . we've seen some crazy "tree decorating" when that happens!


2014 Kinsey Family Tree Ornament

outdoor holiday decorations

This year is our 10th anniversary and the ornament we designed to celebrate 10 years is definitely one you do not want to miss!!! The 2014 ornament is one that we suspect you will find great enjoyment and "magic" from every Christmas and may very well initiate yet another Christmas tradition in your family. As always the ornament is included with the purchase of a Christmas tree (they are not included with Charlie Brown trees or table toppers) and is of course a big old secret . . . the elves won't let us divulge any Christmas secrets too early!!!


Marriage Saver Tree Stand

The ultimate in tree stands! The "Marriage Saver", which goes by many other names but "Marriage Saver" is the most accurate, is honestly the last tree stand you will ever need. It takes all of 30 seconds for a real rookie to stand their tree up! It does require that you have a tapered hole drilled in the bottom of your tree and we are more than happy to take care of that little detail for you. In fact, if you buy a pre-cut tree from us it automatically comes with the hole in it. Be certain to give these stands a glance if you make it out to the farm . . . and definitely buy one if your marriage is a little shaky right now! :)


Outdoor holiday wreaths

Wreaths & Garland, Holiday Decorations

Wreaths and garland are another Christmas accessory that you will find in abundance at the farm. We offer several different sizes all the way up to 38" giant wreaths for large open walls! And while we carry a multitude of styles of wreaths the clear favorite are the white pine, boxwood, and fraser fir combos . . . which do make for a striking display.


Family Activities

As many of our returning families now know the Kinsey Family Farm strives to create an atmosphere where you can come out and focus on being a family and create lasting memories. It's an important and driving force for who we are and why we redeveloped our farm. And in all honesty one of the most fantastic memories we have from our youth was roasting marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate during the winter . . . it's tradition! And traditions are HUGE in life and so valuable for families! And you can rest assured we wouldn't dream of letting that simple yet so delightful experience we skipped out here at the farm. The KFF keeps the fires burning every day all season long. And with Mom's "no messy fingers" marshmallow roasting sticks the sticky part of the process is reduced substantially . . . you HAVE to get a little sticky or it wouldn't be marshmallow roasting! (don't worry . . . we provide wet wipes!)


Harvest Shop


Local fresh honey

It has been said that unfiltered local honey is one of natures best agents for reducing seasonal allergies . . . and based upon our customers feedback it must have a substantial level of truth to it! We carry Allisons Honey which is produced locally and beyond delicious! Varieties are seasonal but commonly include:

SOURWOOD - a stout honey with a strong aftertaste . . . the far and away favorite!
BLACKBERRY - a mild honey with a light berry flavor.
WILDFLOWER - a strong rich tasting honey similar to clover honey!
COTTON - akin to a watery molasses, very unique . . . from South Georgia.
ORANGE BLOSSOM - intensely sweet and delightful . . . from Florida.
TUPELO - a delicious and much sought after honey with a cotton candy flavor . . . from Mississippi.



fresh salsa

FRESH & FRUITY APPLE - our hottest salsa . . . perfect for those of you with no "spicy" detecting cells!
FIVE PEPPER MEDIUM SALSA - a nice and spicy salsa but not scorching hot.
VIDALIA ONION PEACH SALSA - a strong peachy flavor with a medium heat.
BEAN SALSA - haven't had it yet . . . but it sure seems like a farm favorite!
CHIPOTLE PEACH - delicious . . . and has a wonderful smokey flavor!


Jams & Preserves

Fresh jamd preserves

Jams & Jellies

FROG JAM - Fig, raspberry, orange, ginger
T.O.E. JAM  - Tangerine, orange, elderberry

Jalapeno Pepper Jelly



Christmas Hours:

The 2014 Christmas season will be in operation from Saturday, November 22nd (the weekend before Thanksgiving) until Saturday, December 20th. Due to our desire to celebrate the holidays with our own families we will not be open on Thanksgiving day or Christmas Eve.

  • M-F 12:00 until 7:00
  • Wednesday, 26 November 9:00 to 6:00
  • Sat-Sun & Black Friday 9:00 until 6:00
  • Closed Thanksgiving Day
  • We ARE open all day on the Wednesday before and the Friday after Thanksgiving




2014 Season Highlights

Trees For Troops:

Outdoor holiday season decorationsFor the past seven seasons our farm has donated 20 Christmas trees to our nations military families and personnel through the TREES FOR TROOPS program. We are proud to again be supporting this program with 20 more of our trees this season. Our goal this year is to send a total of 100 trees, if not even more, to our local military families at Camp Merrill as well as many more families at other bases throughout Georgia. Last year we had over 80 families donate additional trees to this program and it is difficult to express the level of gratitude that our local Rangers have expressed to us. They frequently stop by all year long, introduce themselves, and immediately begin describing how much YOUR outpouring of appreciation means to them! In fact this year we even received a personal visit from one of the Commanders at Camp Merrill expressing his gratitude to you all for the "generous support for our soldiers". It's always so amazing to see what a HUGE impact one kind gesture can have!

Families interested in purchasing a discounted tree for the TREES FOR TROOPS program please see our cashiers in the barn. Families donating a tree are also invited to attach a personalized note (we will provide the Christmas cards) to their tree with warm wishes to those who defend our freedoms and protect us with their lives. The level of appreciation our troops have expressed to us from this program is honestly indescribable. For more information regarding this program please visit or see our information center at the farm. The final date for purchasing a tree for a military family is the 7th of December!

2014 Notes & Updates:

1 November . . . Just an FYI . . . we WILL be open every day from Saturday the 22nd of November through Saturday the 20th of December with the exception of Thanksgiving Day. This includes all day the Wednesday BEFORE Thanksgiving and all day on Black Friday . . . 9 am to 6 pm. 

19 November . . . The first load of Fraser Firs are here!!! They actually arrived covered in snow this year which was really neat for the first 10 minutes . . . and then our hands all went numb. :) They have all been fresh cut, drilled and are resting in water out of the sun and wind.

21 November . . . We are now stocked with over 100 GORGEOUS balled and burlap live Norway Spruce. We have sizes ranging from 6 feet all the way up to 12 feet! It has made a beautiful temporary forest!

22 November . . . Woot! Woot! Opening day and it's a beauty!!!

27 November . . . HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

30 November . . . . Our most recent arrival of fresh Christmas trees is . . . well . . . this morning! If you come early you will be able to see the process of how we care for our trees from the truck to the display floor!

In our fields we still have plenty of choose and cut trees remaining. The bulk of our offerings range in size from 8 to 10 feet although there are still a handful of trees bigger and smaller than that. Have a great Sunday morning! 

9 December . . . We have been blessed with a multitude of wonderful families out at the farm to this point this year . . . and have enjoyed so many of the family interactions we have observed! At this time our trees in the field are down to a few dozen individuals remaining. However our supply of Fraser Firs in the barn and Norway Spruce in the balled and burlap section remains very well supplied. As always the precut trees are being maintained out of the sun and in water and are showing little to no signs of "fatigue" . . . which makes for a much nicer Christmas tree on Christmas day. :)  Merry Christmas all!

14 December . . . 
We have reached the point in the season when it is time to close our choose and cut fields. We sold the very last one yesterday. We still have a very nice range of Fraser Firs remaining and they are still quite fresh as we have brought new ones in throughout the season and as usual have kept them in water at all times! :) 

20 December . . . Today is our last day for enjoying the farm during 2014 . . . feel free to come on out and enjoy it with us!

21 December . . . We want to thank everyone from all facets for coming out to enjoy the farm as well as support us this year. At this time we will be closed for the remainder of 2014 and will reopen on the 5th of January 2015. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

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